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ClearContext v6: Flexibility and Efficiency

We are very excited to start telling you about the next major release of ClearContext, version 6. For some time, we have been hearing the need for more comprehensive support for various Outlook configurations such as multiple mail accounts and integration with multiple data files. The scope of these enhancements requires a major infrastructure overhaul, so after recently completing our planned set of v5 incremental releases, that’s where we’ve been focusing most of our efforts.

Along with these infrastructural changes, the other main goal of the v6 release is redesigning a number of features to make them more efficient and useful. To do the best job possible at incorporating feedback from our users, we will be handling the beta and pre-release development a bit differently from prior beta cycles. Beta participation will be limited exclusively to Connect members, and the beta program will be more focused on addressing user feedback.

As a reminder, Connect is our yearly subscription program for free upgrades, priority support and access to pre-release software. Before we begin beta testing of v6, we will provide opportunities for those who are not members or whose memberships have lapsed to join Connect.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for additional information on ClearContext v6. We look forward to kicking off the beta program soon and having you involved in developing the next version of ClearContext!

ClearContext Personal Gets Your Inbox Under Control

At ClearContext, our vision is to organize all the information that flows through email. But with the ever-increasing flood of unimportant email, many people are too overwhelmed to even get started.  So we’ve created ClearContext Personal, a free product to help Outlook users get their inbox under control and see the email that really matters.

Everyone complains about getting too much email, when in reality most of us simply get too much unimportant email and don’t have useful tools to deal with it.  People try all kinds of systems to deal with the glut of messages from social networks, newsletters and ecommerce sites, but trying to manage folders, labels and multiple accounts fails over time for many people because it is too much work.  The result is that people spend too much time dealing with messages that aren’t important.

ClearContext Personal makes that information easier to deal with by doing three things:

  1. Automatically filing unimportant messages out of your inbox to deal with later
  2. Creating a daily digest of all autofiled email, so you never lose any information
  3. Highlighting email from important senders in your inbox without any confusing rules or training

We’re not the only ones to recognize the huge challenge people face dealing with all these messages.  Gmail created Priority Inbox to try and tackle the issue.  And in their new messaging platform, Facebook acknowledges the problem by separating mail into two inboxes – one for messages from your friends and another for all other messages.

Today, ClearContext brings that type of next-generation inbox functionality to the hundreds of millions of Outlook users facing similar problems with email.  With ClearContext Personal, we’ve focused on making everything clear and easy to understand for the user.  “Bacn” emails such as newsletters and notifications are automatically separated into “AutoFiled” folders – and organized into categories like Travel, Social, Shopping, etc.  And simply hit the “Important” button to have all email from specific people highlighted as VIP emails.  No complicated rules or configuration, just install and the AutoFile service will regularly update with new rules to automatically file and categorize email – so you can focus on the important emails in your inbox.

To see more info and download this free product, visit

And for users that would like to also manage all of their email, tasks, appointments, files, and contacts into projects in Outlook, try a free 30-day trial of ClearContext Pro

ClearContext 5.2 Adds Automated Inbox “Bacn” Filtering

We’re very excited to announce that ClearContext Pro v5.2 is now available for download.  ClearContext 5.2 introduces a completely new module to automatically filter and manage all the “bacn” newsletter and notification emails you receive.


Automated emails (notifications, newsletters, coupons, etc) are now automatically categorized and filed for you.  The AutoFile service regularly updates with new rules to manage unimportant email.


A new AutoFile tab in the ClearContext sidebar lets you quickly review and manage all your AutoFiled messages, and the Daily Digest provides a summary of AutoFiled messages so you don’t have to worry about losing any information.

When upgrading from v5.1 or earlier AutoFile is enabled by default, including sharing AutoFile rules you create and downloading updates.  Adjust these settings in ClearContext > Options > AutoFile.

Other Features

A number of minor enhancements have been made to increase the flexibility of the ClearContext Dashboard and Task Organizer functionality. These include support for people who organize by start date and undated tasks, as well as subproject and optional appointment views in the Organizer Review tab.

And we now include full Outlook 2010 x64 support!

Visit for more details.

Download and install Outlook add-in to organize email and manage inboxRegistered v5 customers can download v5.2 here.

New customers can purchase v5 here.  Registered ClearContext Pro v4 users can purchase an upgrade to v5 here.

ClearContext 5.1 Combines Email, Task and Project Management Inside Outlook Inbox

This week we’re very excited to release the next major evolution of ClearContext.  We’ve always been focused on helping people take control of their inbox with simple and powerful email management tools.  With ClearContext v5.1, we’ve built on that to make it just as easy to stay on top of all your tasks and projects too.

What’s new in 5.1?

In ClearContext Pro v5.1, the ClearContext Dashboard window has been replaced with a sidebar inside the Outlook inbox that brings many task and project features to the forefront of the product.  For more extensive task management, we’ve also added a powerful Task Organizer to review and edit tasks in bulk.  Here’s a quick overview of the new Sidebar and Task Organizer functionality:

user_guide_dashboardClearContext Sidebar – Dashboard

  • View the status of projects due now, active projects, or find any project
  • Pin your most important projects for quick access to them
  • Easily edit or create new tasks right in the sidebar
  • View tasks filtered by date/category/priority/etc

ClearContext Sidebar – Project Tabs

  • Jump to the associated email folder for any project
  • Add free-form notes (for call logs, reminders, etc) to projects
  • View and create/edit project tasks
  • View associated files and contacts
  • Easily move/rename projects

Task Organizer

  • Launch from menu/toolbar or sidebar Manage Tasks buttons
  • Change due dates on tasks in bulk
  • Manage and view tasks by project, category, priority, etc
  • Review completed or pending tasks
  • When the ClearContext sidebar is closed, a Task Reminder window will pop up when you have several overdue tasks.

Here’s a clip of the new features in action:

We look forward to hearing your feedback on all of the new functionality so we can continue to make it even better for you!

Download and install Outlook add-in to organize email and manage inboxRegistered v5 customers can download v5.1 here.

New customers can purchase v5 here.  Registered ClearContext Pro v4 users can purchase an upgrade to v5 here.  Purchase now and you’ll also receive a free upgrade to our upcoming v5.2 release focused on comprehensive automated filing to process your newsletters, notifications, and other bulk email, plus even more task and project management features!

ClearContext 5.1 Release Candidate Available for Download!

Official release of ClearContext 5.1 is right around the corner, but for those of you 51dashwho can’t wait to check out the new features, the Release Candidate is now available for download.  We’re very excited about the new task and project management capabilities in 5.1 and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Changes in v5.1

The ClearContext Dashboard window has been replaced with a sidebar that brings many task and project features to the forefront of the product.  For more extensive task management needs, the new Task Organizer helps with reviewing and editing tasks in bulk.

  • Sidebar – The ClearContext sidebar consists of a status dashboard and a project tab with detailed project information.
  • Task Organizer – Change due dates on tasks in bulk; Manage and view tasks by project, category, priority, etc.
  • Email Management – File Project, Delete Original message on reply, file to single processed mail folder, and more.

Visit the download page for more product information and to download the 5.1 Release Candidate.

New FREE release from ActiveWords!

We’re always on the lookout for other products that also help people increase their productivity. Buzz Bruggeman and the team at ActiveWords aw_logohave released a new version of their product, which allows you to script just about anything in Windows so you can type words to do all sorts of actions with simple keyboard shortcuts.  Their latest release includes a free version that lets you create up to 30 ActiveWords – and you can upgrade to their Plus version to create unlimited words.  Lots of our users have taken advantage of this to create custom shortcuts for ClearContext and other applications.  The ActiveWords/Freemium release is now available for everyone to download and check it out!

Start 2010 Right With ClearContext

Our previous blog post was about the backlog of messages many of us start off with in the new year.  Well, we’re here to help with that! We’d like to see everyone to start the new year by letting the new ClearContext v5 help them take control of their inbox.  And we’d love for you to help us spread the word!

Through the end of January, we’re giving away a ClearContext Pro license every day.  There are multiple ways to enter the drawing, such as following us on twitter or facebook, or tweeting about ClearContext.  And we appreciate everyone who has already supported us – you are all eligible as well!  In addition to licenses to new users, we’re also giving away upgrades, ClearContext Connect subscriptions, and other prizes to people who are already ClearContext users!  Click here for more details on how to participate.

Thanks so much for your support and helping us spread the word about ClearContext to all of your friends and colleagues who could use a little help getting their inbox under control!

The Post-Holiday Email Blues

The last half of December is always a welcome break from nonstop email, with many people away from work and computers during the holidays spending time with friends and family.  I’m glad to count myself among that dec6jan3emailgroup this year!  ClearContext Online email statistics show that overall people received 1/3 to 1/2 less email than normal over the past couple of weeks. What a relief!

But now it’s 2010 and the first week of January brings with it a return to the normal avalanche of email – as well as a backlog of messages waiting for us.  That’s where ClearContext comes to the rescue!

A lot of the changes in ClearContext v5 are designed to make it faster than ever to clear out overloaded inboxes. Automatic highlighting of your important messages, one-click email filing, and project buttons help you stay on top of everything you need to get done.

It’s easy to let email take control of your day, but ClearContext lets you take control of your inbox!

ClearContext v5 Release Candidate 2 Now Available

Release Candidate 2 (v5.0.1) for ClearContext v5 is now available for download here.

As we posted earlier today, we identified one major issue in RC1 this morning.  We’ve fixed that problem and a few additional minor issues in RC2.  It appears only a small number of users were impacted, but if you installed RC1 and had any issues, please see this forum post or contact for assistance.

Our official 5.0 production release will follow shortly, including updated user guide, other documentation, and information on upgrading.  In the meantime, please give the release candidate a try and post your feedback in the beta forum.

ClearContext Connect Members: You should have already received an email with your v5 Pro license key.  Please contact us if you haven’t received your key.

v4 users who purchased a pro license after August 1, 2009 will also be sent a v5 Pro upgrade key shortly.

Important ClearContext 5.0.0 RC Bug Advisory

We’ve identified an issue with ClearContext Release Candidate v5.0.0 that may cause some contacts to be deleted in certain Outlook configurations.  This issue can occur during Setup when upgrading from v4.6 and earlier.  It does not impact upgrades from Beta 2 to v5.0.0 RC.

For most Exchange users, switching to your Contacts folder and selecting Tools->Recover Deleted Items should allow any affected contacts to be restored.

If you have been affected by this issue, please email as soon as possible for assistance.  We advise not to connect or sync Outlook with other PCs or devices before fully backing up your contacts from them.

We have pulled down the 5.0.0 build and will have a fixed release up as soon as possible.  Please wait for that build to install ClearContext v5.0.  Our sincerest apologies to anyone affected by this issue.