Posts from March 2020.

Product Update

A product update is rolling out with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Dark Color Themes: For Outlook 365 and Outlook 2016/2019, support for the Dark Gray and Black themes have been improved to better match the Outlook display, particularly for the Dashboard and MessageContext.
  • Organizer Printed Reports: Blank lines for handwritten notes have been added to printed reports when space is available.
  • Dashboard: For the Today by Priority view, keep appointments sorted ascending by date instead of descending like the tasks.
  • Project/Folder Selection Window: Checkbox option relocated to the right side to prevent accidental selection. This affects display when Project window is shown when messages are sent and when filtering Projects from the Organizer.
  • Bug Fix: When moving/renaming Projects, only relabel categories if the Project to Category sync option is enabled in Options.

The update is being delivered now to users on the beta/early update channel, and will be going out to all users within the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 2002.0.