Posts from February 2017.

ClearContext Automatic Updates

One of the great improvements in the new ClearContext is the automatic product update process. Users don’t need to worry about checking what the current product version is, and tracking down, installing and possibly having to purchase a new version. This also helps us by streamlining the release process and making it possible to provide more updates more often.

For the most part, obtaining updates don’t require any attention. Once an update has been applied the product, a notification will usually be inserted into the Inbox noting the changes and improvements applied. The appearance of this notification is how one can know that the product has been updated.

For those who want updates as soon as possible and are willing to deal with some occasional rough edges, there is an option available for “Beta/Fast Product Updates” in the ClearContext Account screen in Outlook. When enabled, general updates will be delivered a week or two before everyone else. Also, when beta features are available, they will only be delivered to those who have selected this option.

Stay tuned, as we have a lot of great updates planned for the year!