Posts from April 2017.

Recent update roundup

We have had a number of product updates released and automatically installed to the product so far this year and wanted to put out a quick note to make sure everyone knows about the new functionality.

  • Search capability in the Organizer

  • Support for using multiple criteria in AutoFile

  • MessageContext:
    • add ability to delete message and complete tasks
    • improvements to load performance
    • adjust UI layout for better space efficiency

  • Add Next Action to QuickTasks
  • MYN support and integration
  • Multi monitor improvements
  • Duplicate Followup detection
  • Manual product update check and option for beta/fast updates (as described in our last post)
  • Many other bug fixes and tweaks

If you don’t see every item here reflected in your installation, it is most likely en route to your computer and will show up shortly. You can also force an immediate update by going to the ClearContext About screen and clicking the Check for Update link. We have another update in the queue to be released soon, and beyond that we may lengthen the release interval slightly to work on some larger feature updates.