Posts from December 2015.

ClearContext v7.1 Released

ClearContext Pro v7.1 has been released to production! Thanks to all that have tried the test versions and contributed valuable feedback and testing.

If you are running the v7.1 release candidate, no further action is needed as the release version is the same as the release candidate. Otherwise, older versions of ClearContext can be upgraded by clicking on any download link at This is a free update for v7.0 users and users of earlier versions can obtain a discounted upgrade license at our online store.

To reiterate what’s new in v7.1:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Quick toggle between Projects and Context Categories in Dashboard
  • Grouping by Context Categories in Project Details in dashboard
  • Option to have a manually specified default Project for filing/Project suggestions
  • Improvements in high resolution screen display
  • Various other fixes and improvements

ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate Available

The ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate is now available for download. This version is intended to become the production release and we encourage all users to update to this new version.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v7.1 Beta Open to All

We have released the second Beta build for v7.1 and it is available now to anyone who would like to try it. Thanks to our Connect members who have already participated in helping with the testing. Beta 2 fixes several issues found in Beta 1 and also adds the capability to automatically assign a category to delegated tasks.

The testing has been going well and we expect the release version to be available within a few weeks.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.