Posts from October 2010.

Mercury News: Is e-mail dead? No way.

The Contra Costa Times ran a story by Laura Casey on the supposed death of e-mail.  ClearContext CEO Deva Hazarika is quoted:

In fact, e-mail is only becoming more important for working professionals, says Deva Hazarika of ClearContext of San Francisco, a software company that helps people organize all the information that flows through e-mail.

"People need information to be traceable. They need to look back at information. That’s why all of important conversations are pretty much staying with e-mail right now," Hazarika says. "E-mail is really not only sticking around, but it’s getting entrenched. It’s really the one place where I can reliably send (information like receipts from Amazon or business) communication to you."

Read the entire article here.