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Product Update

A product update is rolling out with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Followup: The subject of the Followup Task may now be set from the Followup window before the Task is created. To set the subject, click the Show Options button on the bottom of the screen if the additional options are not already visible, and edit the Task Subject field.

  • Tasks and Appointments: When creating a Task or Appointment from a message, the original message can now have a category tagged to indicate that a Task or Appointment has been created for that message. While this status is already shown in the MessageContext, this additional indicator is useful for users that do not use the MessageContext or want a more prominent indicator. This option may be enabled in the ClearContext Options screen in the Tasks/Appts tab.

  • Dashboard: In the Project Detail Dashboard, there is a new view available for Tasks to show the completed tasks for the Project. To access the option click on the view button on the top right area of the Task list.

  • Dashboard: In both the Summary and Detail Dashboards, Tasks can now be deleted by selecting a Task and right clicking with the mouse.

  • Organizer: Similar to the above, Tasks can now be deleted by selecting a Task and right clicking with the mouse.

  • License Updates: For situations where ClearContext is blocked from automatically updating the subscription status due to firewall or security restrictions, license updates can now be sent through an email message. Users can contact support to request an email based license update.

  • Bug Fix: Address issue when printing reports from the Organizer in certain computer configurations, where the icons could appear as blank or dark rectangles.

The update is being delivered now to users on the beta update channel, will roll out soon to the early update channel, followed by all users in the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 2112.0.

Product Update: Followup, Defer, QuickTasks

A product update is rolling out with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Defer and Followup: Specific time intervals can now be pinned to the 4 quick select buttons on the screen. To make a button always show a specific time, click on the pin button to the right.
    Pin time interval

Day of Week
  • Defer and Followup: When using the new pin option mentioned above, a new type of time interval for a specific day of week is now available. For example, a button can be assigned to always Defer or Followup to the following Monday.

  • Followup: When creating a new Followup and there is already an active one on the same message conversation, there is now an option to delete any existing Followup tasks upon creation of the new one.
    Existing Followup Option

  • QuickTasks: Different window sizes are now available by clicking on the increase or decrease buttons on the top bar, similar to the size options on the Project/Filing window.
    QuickTasks Sizing
  • QuickTasks: The Project selection drop down now resizes wider up to the available space when long Project names are displayed for easier readability of long Project names.

  • QuickTasks: The Date label now shows whether the date selector is setting the Start or the Due Date, according to the Start/Due preferences set in the Dashboard.

  • Bug Fix: Avoid the issue where on rare occasions, the splitter bar in the Dashboard window could be set outside the visible area so that it was difficult to bring lower portion of the window back to being visible. Also, improve the appearance and size of the splitter bar on high resolution displays.

  • Bug Fix: Improve the dismissal of the welcome screen when Outlook is started, in certain cases where the window was not automatically closing itself.

The update is being delivered now to users on the beta update channel, will roll out soon to the early update channel, followed by all users in the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 2104.0.

Product Update: Followup Improvements

This release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Followup: New contact selection screen for when Followups are configured to cancel only on specific senders. Instead of having to manually edit the list of email addresses, the new selection screen shows contacts by type (from, to, cc) and allows easy selection.This function can be accessed from the Choose button next to the list of email addresses to cancel for.

  • Followup: When cancelling for specific senders, only direct recipients are selected by default. CC’ed recipients can be added from the selection screen described above.
  • Bug Fix: Searching in the Detail Dashboard could result in crashes if ClearContext was configured in the single folder filing mode
  • Bug Fix: In 64 bit versions of Outlook, messages files cannot be previewed in the Attachment Explorer. Prevent notifications windows from appearing in this case.

The update is being delivered to all users and should arrive shortly. The build number in the About screen will show as 1908.0.

Product Update: Unfiled sent messages

This release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Unfiled Sent Messages: New feature to file messages in the Sent Items folder that belong to a Project but are unfiled. When automatic filing of sent messages is enabled, some emails may remain unfiled because emails were sent from a device without ClearContext, or if a Project wasn’t assigned right at the start of a conversation.

    This function can be accessed from the new File Sent Messages button in the ClearContext toolbar. Also, a notification will appear in the Daily Digest if automatic sent message filing is enabled and messages to file from the Sent Items folder are found.

  • AutoFile: In rule list screen, show if Delay Filing option applies to rule
  • AutoFile: In rule list screen, add button to create new rule
  • AutoFile: In rule create/edit screen, add option to choose if rule is to be applied to current Inbox items, instead of always applying rule
  • Bug Fix: When a Project is pre-selected in QuickTasks, the mail file the Project belongs to could sometimes be incorrectly set to the primary mail file instead of the mail file the Project belongs to
  • Bug Fix: When a task project is updated through the Task Inspector window, the category sync of the Project name can be incorrect if other user categories are present
  • Bug Fix: Add scroll bar to Activity History window

The update is being delivered first to users on the beta/early update channel, and will follow with all users in the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 1905.00.

Product Update: Dashboard Messages

This release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Project Detail Dashboard: new Messages window that shows associated Project emails that have been filed or are pending in the Inbox.
    *available only in standard Project folder filing mode

  • Category Colors: displayed category labels now show the Outlook color category coding in the Dashboard and Organizer.

  • Automatic Updates: rework download mechanism to increase compatibility with firewalls/security settings
  • Misc: various updated graphics
  • Bug Fix: prevent creation of duplicate filing suggestions in certain situations

The update is being delivered now to users on the beta/early update channel, and is scheduled to go out to all users in the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 1901.00.

Product Update Released

A product update has been released with usability improvements for the Dashboard. Pending tasks that are due or overdue will now show up in the main task list as well, so that they are not accidentally overlooked. Also, in applicable views/filters, higher priority tasks will now be ordered before lower priority tasks of the same date and a new appointment button has been added to the Project Detail window.

Additional changes include improvements in the Project/Filing suggestions and the addition of higher resolution images in the Ribbon toolbar for improved clarity in zoomed or high density displays.

Delay Filing Option for AutoFile Released

An update is rolling out to all users that adds a Delay Filing option to the AutoFile feature:

  • When the Delay Filing option is selected for a rule, the target Project is assigned and labeled to matching Inbox messages, but the message is not immediately filed.
  • This option is useful for when you want messages categorized to a certain Project right as they arrive, but you want to file it yourself later.

* This option is applicable only to rules that assign/file messages to your Project folders, and not rules that file to the folders within the special ClearContext Autofiled folder

Pending Tab for Dashboard Released

Just a quick note to announce the production release of the Pending Tab for the Dashboard. The new Pending functionality streamlines the main Dashboard task list to those are actionable and moves Followup and check later type to-dos to the Pending list. See full details in our previous notes here and here.

The update is rolling out to Beta and Early Adopter channels now and will continue with all users shortly.

Updated Beta – Pending Tab in Dashboard

We have decided to do one more quick beta update as a new capability has been added to the new Pending functionality. Tasks tagged with specific context categories can now be listed in the Pending tab and excluded from the regular Dashboard task list.

By default, tasks with an @pending category will be managed in the Pending list. The context categories used for the Pending list can be customized by clicking on the gear icon in the Pending tab. Commonly used GTD categories such as @waiting or @someday may be ones that you want to define as Pending categories.

Unless we encounter any unexpected difficulties, this beta version will be transitioning to production later this month.

Beta Pending Tab in Dashboard

A Beta preview is available for the new Pending tab in the Overview Dashboard. The Pending mode allows for the separation of tasks from the Dashboard that are actionable now versus ones that are awaiting some trigger in the future. This separation de-clutters the to-do list and focuses it more on things that can be worked on. In addition, the Pending list provides a place for Deferred messages to be monitored.

  • Followup tasks have been relocated to the Pending area. If awaiting a specific response, the pending email contact is listed in the subject line as well. The task can be interacted with in the same way as the Overview tab by marking complete, double clicking to open, or right clicking for other actions. If the Followup is automatically cancelled due to a response, it will no longer appear here.
  • Deferred messages that were snoozed and are awaiting return to the Inbox can now be viewed here. The date field shows the scheduled return date as well as the message received time. Previously, the only way to see the pending Deferred messages was to look through the Deferred message storage folders.

Users who have opted in to the Beta update channel are being automatically updated to this beta preview. If you would like to try this preview, please go to your ClearContext Account screen in Outlook and enable the Beta tester updates. Then for an immediate update, select the check updates link in the ClearContext->About screen.

We look forward for your feedback, and please feel free to comment below or directly to support.