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New Project Dashboard Released to Production

We are pleased to announce that the redesigned Project Dashboard has been released to production. As we mentioned in our last post about the beta preview, the new Dashboard features a new large format Project details screen that makes it easier to view, find and manage your Project information. This first phase of the Dashboard is focused primarily on improving the existing functionality of the Dashboard. Future releases will build on this base with additional features and capabilities.

This update is rolling out to all users now, and with no further action, ClearContext will automatically update itself soon. If you don’t want to wait, you can go to the ClearContext->About screen, and click the link to check for updates.

We hope you enjoy using the redesigned Project Dashboard and we look forward to delivering more improvements we have in the pipeline!

Beta Dashboard Preview

A Beta preview is available for the new ClearContext Dashboard. The Project Details mode of the Dashboard has been redesigned for easier and faster access to the Project and Context Category details. The summary of differences from the previous version are:

  • Access to the details are simplified by simply clicking on a Project or Context Category in the Summary Dashboard to open a new window with the details, instead of double clicking to switch to a new tab/mode. Clicking on a different Project/Category will update the existing window, while clicking on the same Project/Category will toggle the detail window closed
  • The details windows are in a large screen format so that all the information is visible on one page without having to navigate to a different tab/mode
  • The task interface works like the Organizer interface, allowing for the display of more information, sortability, and in-place editing and creation of tasks
  • Task contents can be previewed by hovering the mouse cursor over the subject. Available in both the summary and detail Dashboards as well as the Organizer
  • Appointments are listed separately from Tasks for easier differentiation


Pictured: Detail Dashboard for folder based Projects. Processed Mail mode does not show Files or Contacts, and the Context Category details only show tasks.



Users who have opted in to the Fast/Beta update channel have already been automatically updated this beta preview. If you would like to try the Dashboard preview, please go to your ClearContext Account screen in Outlook and enable the Fast/Beta updates. Then for an immediate update, select the check updates link in the ClearContext->About screen. Starting with this Beta build, the Beta setting has become its own separate option in the screen. If one wants to revert back to the production version at any time, the Beta option can be un-selected and the production version will be enabled.

We hope you enjoy this preview of the new Dashboard and look forward to your feedback!

Recent update roundup

We have had a number of product updates released and automatically installed to the product so far this year and wanted to put out a quick note to make sure everyone knows about the new functionality.

  • Search capability in the Organizer

  • Support for using multiple criteria in AutoFile

  • MessageContext:
    • add ability to delete message and complete tasks
    • improvements to load performance
    • adjust UI layout for better space efficiency

  • Add Next Action to QuickTasks
  • MYN support and integration
  • Multi monitor improvements
  • Duplicate Followup detection
  • Manual product update check and option for beta/fast updates (as described in our last post)
  • Many other bug fixes and tweaks

If you don’t see every item here reflected in your installation, it is most likely en route to your computer and will show up shortly. You can also force an immediate update by going to the ClearContext About screen and clicking the Check for Update link. We have another update in the queue to be released soon, and beyond that we may lengthen the release interval slightly to work on some larger feature updates.

ClearContext Automatic Updates

One of the great improvements in the new ClearContext is the automatic product update process. Users don’t need to worry about checking what the current product version is, and tracking down, installing and possibly having to purchase a new version. This also helps us by streamlining the release process and making it possible to provide more updates more often.

For the most part, obtaining updates don’t require any attention. Once an update has been applied the product, a notification will usually be inserted into the Inbox noting the changes and improvements applied. The appearance of this notification is how one can know that the product has been updated.

For those who want updates as soon as possible and are willing to deal with some occasional rough edges, there is an option available for “Beta/Fast Product Updates” in the ClearContext Account screen in Outlook. When enabled, general updates will be delivered a week or two before everyone else. Also, when beta features are available, they will only be delivered to those who have selected this option.

Stay tuned, as we have a lot of great updates planned for the year!

New Help Portal

Just a quick note to let folks know about our new help portal: We have improved the knowledge base with updated information and easier search functionality. Support can also be contacted directly from the help portal as well. If you are having technical issues, we recommend using the link in the ClearContext->Help screen in the product, as that will include some diagnostic information that will aid in assisting you.

ClearContext v7.1 Released

ClearContext Pro v7.1 has been released to production! Thanks to all that have tried the test versions and contributed valuable feedback and testing.

If you are running the v7.1 release candidate, no further action is needed as the release version is the same as the release candidate. Otherwise, older versions of ClearContext can be upgraded by clicking on any download link at This is a free update for v7.0 users and users of earlier versions can obtain a discounted upgrade license at our online store.

To reiterate what’s new in v7.1:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Quick toggle between Projects and Context Categories in Dashboard
  • Grouping by Context Categories in Project Details in dashboard
  • Option to have a manually specified default Project for filing/Project suggestions
  • Improvements in high resolution screen display
  • Various other fixes and improvements

ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate Available

The ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate is now available for download. This version is intended to become the production release and we encourage all users to update to this new version.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v7.1 Beta Open to All

We have released the second Beta build for v7.1 and it is available now to anyone who would like to try it. Thanks to our Connect members who have already participated in helping with the testing. Beta 2 fixes several issues found in Beta 1 and also adds the capability to automatically assign a category to delegated tasks.

The testing has been going well and we expect the release version to be available within a few weeks.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v7.1 Beta

We’ve pleased to announce that the development of version 7.1 is complete. Versions 7.1 will be a free update for all licensed users of version 7.0 and provides feature improvements and added compatibility with new versions of Outlook and Windows.

This version includes the following enhancements and changes compared to v7.0:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Quick toggle between Projects and Context Categories in Dashboard
  • Grouping by Context Categories in Project Details in dashboard
  • Option to have a manually specified default Project for filing/Project suggestions
  • Improvements in high resolution screen display
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Dashboard Project and Context   Project Items by Context

A beta test version is now available to our Connect subscribers. To access the beta, one needs an active Connect subscription and an account on our online forums. With a matching email address on the forums and Connect account, the private Connect forums which contain the beta downloads and discussion will be available. If assistance is needed with this process, please contact us via support at

In the next couple of weeks, we expect to make the v7.1 beta available to all users. We hope that the improvements make ClearContext work even better for you and we look forward to your feedback!

ClearContext Pro v7.0.4 Maintenance Release

We have just released a new v7.0.4 maintenance release to address the following issues:

  • Resolve problems in Category selection in QuickTasks and Followup
  • Resolve potential crash when using alt-m keyboard shortcut to file when message is opened in a separate window

To update to v7.0.4, shut down Outlook and click on any download link on our web site

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