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ClearContext Daily Workflow: Succeed

SucceedAfter identifying your priorities and managing your Inbox, succeed by focusing on your work rather than your email:


IMS Dashboard

Open a Project Dashboard for one of your important projects.  Avoid checking email and work on your most important tasks.

Prioritized Views

When you do check on email, group your Inbox by priority (View > Current View > ClearContext Prioritized by Category) and review only your highest priority messages (in red and green).


Use the MessageContext to see emails, appointments and other related tasks to get the full context for the item you are working on.

By completing the Identify and Manage steps previously, you are free to focus on the work that is most important to you while staying in control of your Inbox.


Only touch your high priority messages once.  Even though you are glancing at these messages throughout the day, make sure that you act on any email you open.

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