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ClearContext v7.1.1 Released

5/23/2016 – The v7.1.1 update has temporarily been pulled and will be restored once we address an installer packaging issue.

A minor update to v7.1 has been released. This update has some tweaks for the setup process and fixes a problem with a missing attachment icon in the MessageContext. It is not necessary for current v7.1 users to update to this release unless they would like the fix for the missing icon in the MessageContext.

The steps to upgrade from a previous version of ClearContext are:

  1. Shut down Outlook
  2. Go to the download page: (64 bit Outlook users should ignore the default download, and click the link for the 64 bit version)
  3. Run the downloaded installer file

Getting to Inbox Zero or Something Close to it in this Century!

Do you have scores of emails in your inbox spanning the last decade? Or something close? Do you start to feel anxiety every time you open your inbox because there are so many emails? Do emails that don’t get answered immediately sink into the swamp that is your inbox?

This blog post is for you! First create archive folders for the old stuff. Decide what outdated set of old emails you don’t need to deal with. It might be last years emails or emails older than this month. Sort emails by date, create a folder/folders for the archives and drag and drop all the emails that belong in the archive folder/folders. If you need to find something in the archive folders later, you can use the Outlook search functionality.

Ok, now you are only dealing with semi-current emails. This is where ClearContext really shines because of its awesome one click filing and email processing functionality. Go through each email from top of your inbox to bottom and decide what to do with it. If action is needed, do the action now, create a task or appointment from the email, delegate it, or defer it out of your Inbox for later. Next either delete the email if no longer needed, or file it with the awesome one click ClearContext File button. The File button will suggest a folder based upon where you have filed similar messages to in the past. Or you can select a different new or existing folder by clicking the down arrow. You can even file whole conversations with one click and have the option to automatically file the original message while responding to or using ClearContext actions on an email.

ClearContext one click filing and email processing is pretty nifty and it will have you on your way to inbox zero in no time.

ClearContext v7.1 Released

ClearContext Pro v7.1 has been released to production! Thanks to all that have tried the test versions and contributed valuable feedback and testing.

If you are running the v7.1 release candidate, no further action is needed as the release version is the same as the release candidate. Otherwise, older versions of ClearContext can be upgraded by clicking on any download link at This is a free update for v7.0 users and users of earlier versions can obtain a discounted upgrade license at our online store.

To reiterate what’s new in v7.1:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Quick toggle between Projects and Context Categories in Dashboard
  • Grouping by Context Categories in Project Details in dashboard
  • Option to have a manually specified default Project for filing/Project suggestions
  • Improvements in high resolution screen display
  • Various other fixes and improvements

ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate Available

The ClearContext v7.1 Release Candidate is now available for download. This version is intended to become the production release and we encourage all users to update to this new version.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v7.1 Beta Open to All

We have released the second Beta build for v7.1 and it is available now to anyone who would like to try it. Thanks to our Connect members who have already participated in helping with the testing. Beta 2 fixes several issues found in Beta 1 and also adds the capability to automatically assign a category to delegated tasks.

The testing has been going well and we expect the release version to be available within a few weeks.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v7.1 Beta

We’ve pleased to announce that the development of version 7.1 is complete. Versions 7.1 will be a free update for all licensed users of version 7.0 and provides feature improvements and added compatibility with new versions of Outlook and Windows.

This version includes the following enhancements and changes compared to v7.0:

  • Support for Outlook 2016 and Windows 10
  • Quick toggle between Projects and Context Categories in Dashboard
  • Grouping by Context Categories in Project Details in dashboard
  • Option to have a manually specified default Project for filing/Project suggestions
  • Improvements in high resolution screen display
  • Various other fixes and improvements

Dashboard Project and Context   Project Items by Context

A beta test version is now available to our Connect subscribers. To access the beta, one needs an active Connect subscription and an account on our online forums. With a matching email address on the forums and Connect account, the private Connect forums which contain the beta downloads and discussion will be available. If assistance is needed with this process, please contact us via support at

In the next couple of weeks, we expect to make the v7.1 beta available to all users. We hope that the improvements make ClearContext work even better for you and we look forward to your feedback!

ClearContext Pro v7.0.4 Maintenance Release

We have just released a new v7.0.4 maintenance release to address the following issues:

  • Resolve problems in Category selection in QuickTasks and Followup
  • Resolve potential crash when using alt-m keyboard shortcut to file when message is opened in a separate window

To update to v7.0.4, shut down Outlook and click on any download link on our web site

ClearContext v7 Maintenance Release

We’ve had a couple of maintenance releases to address some issues that cropped up since the original v7.0 release. The latest v7.0.3 update addresses an issue that affects many users and we recommend that all v7 users update to this latest version. To upgrade, please shut down Outlook and click on a download link at

v7.0.3 Changes

  • Improve reliability of Project Filing suggestions
  • Resolve issue with Jump to Folder to an Exchange Archive folder

v7.0.2 Changes

  • Always enable default mail file so that Tasks and Appointments are loaded in ClearContext
  • Organizer: off screen/hanging when launched
  • Organizer: non-working Project and category selector during in place edits
  • Dashboard: Organizer and QuickTasks keyboard shortcuts
  • AutoFile: when creating new folder, default to AutoFile folders first
  • AutoFile: exchange/internet email address translation fixes
  • Followup: category not selecting when searching
  • Same mail file appearing twice
  • Address some cases where toolbar/ribbon not loaded
  • Suppress errors on FileSite mail files

ClearContext v7.0 Released

dashboard v7We are pleased to announce that ClearContext Professional v7.0 has been released to production! To download v7, click on any download link on The web site now reflects updated information and documentation for v7, including the user guide. For more information on what’s new in v7, please visit our new release page.

Updated licensing is needed for users of v6 or earlier, and a discounted upgrade license is available here. Connect members should visit their Connect status page to obtain their v7 license.

For those that have already installed the Release Candidate (RC), updating your software is not necessary, as the released version is the same as the RC.

Thanks to all for their interest in v7, and especially our Connect members for their help and feedback during the beta period. We hope that ClearContext Professional v7 will help you become more productive than ever!

ClearContext v7 Release Candidate

Development of ClearContext v7 is now complete! We have made the v7 release candidate available for anyone to try, and this release should transition to becoming the production version assuming that no significant issues arise. For more details and download links, please view our forum post.

For our existing users, please note that v7 requires a new license and that v6 keys will not work with this new version. We will make upgrade licenses available for purchase once we formally launch v7, and in the meantime the fully functional trial mode is available for anyone to try. Connect subscribers can obtain their new v7 licenses by visiting their Connect account page.

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