Product Update: Unfiled sent messages

This release includes the following improvements and fixes:

  • Unfiled Sent Messages: New feature to file messages in the Sent Items folder that belong to a Project but are unfiled. When automatic filing of sent messages is enabled, some emails may remain unfiled because emails were sent from a device without ClearContext, or if a Project wasn’t assigned right at the start of a conversation.

    This function can be accessed from the new File Sent Messages button in the ClearContext toolbar. Also, a notification will appear in the Daily Digest if automatic sent message filing is enabled and messages to file from the Sent Items folder are found.

  • AutoFile: In rule list screen, show if Delay Filing option applies to rule
  • AutoFile: In rule list screen, add button to create new rule
  • AutoFile: In rule create/edit screen, add option to choose if rule is to be applied to current Inbox items, instead of always applying rule
  • Bug Fix: When a Project is pre-selected in QuickTasks, the mail file the Project belongs to could sometimes be incorrectly set to the primary mail file instead of the mail file the Project belongs to
  • Bug Fix: When a task project is updated through the Task Inspector window, the category sync of the Project name can be incorrect if other user categories are present
  • Bug Fix: Add scroll bar to Activity History window

The update is being delivered first to users on the beta/early update channel, and will follow with all users in the next few weeks. The build number in the About screen will show as 1905.00.