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User Guide: AutoFile

AutoFile automatically moves incoming "bacn" email – including newsletters, social networking notifications, shopping email, etc. – to categorized folders.  AutoFile comes pre-configured with filing rules for common automated email and is updated over time.  You can also create your own AutoFile rules.

Automatically file automated bacn email

AutoFile Rules

Create custom autofile rulesAutoFile Rules AutoFile comes pre-configured with filing rules for common senders of automated email. These rules are updated over time as ClearContext users idenitify new senders. Create your own custom AutoFile rules in one of two ways:

  • Highlight a message and press the AutoFile button on the toolbar or select AutoFile from the ClearContext menu. In the dialog that appears, select the group you would like to file to. All messages in the current folder will be filed to the group you selected.  All future messages from that sender will be filed as well.
  • Click and drag a message onto a filing group in the Sidebar. Select Move on the dialog.  As above, all current and future messages from this sender will be moved to the AutoFile filing group.

See below for AutoFile rule configuration options.

AutoFile Sidebar

The AutoFile tab on the ClearContext Sidebar provides a tool to view and manage these emails.

AutoFiled Messages

See automatically filed unread messagesThe top section of the AutoFile tab shows a count of all unread messages across all AutoFile groups:

  • Click on Unread to view all AutoFiled, unread messages.
  • Toggle the Filing Group view between All Groups and groups with Unread only via Options.
  • Select Options > Rules and Settings to configure AutoFile.
  • Select Options > New Filing Group to create a custom group for use with AutoFile.  This feature is available for Pro only.

Filing Groups

View unread filed messages by groupOpen the AutoFile tab on the ClearContext Dashboard to see an unread count of messages filed by group (Shopping, Social, Travel, etc.).  From here:

  • Click on a filing group to see unread, AutoFiled messages for that group.
  • Double-click a filing group to open the folder that it moves messages to.
  • Click the check mark on the filing group to mark all messages in the group as read.
  • Right click a group to disable/enable filing to it.  Open View AutoFile Group Details from the right click menu to manage the filing rules for the individual group.

Unread Messages

Act on filed messages in the unread paneThe message list at the bottom of AutoFile tab shows all unread email for the chosen group.  Messages are grouped by sender.  You can act on individual messages via the Actions or right-click menus:

  • Mark Read messages that you no longer wish to see in the list.
  • Delete messages that you do not want to keep.
  • Select Actions > Jump to Folder to open the folder that contains the current message.
  • Select Stop Filing for messages that you no longer want to AutoFile.

AutoFile Options

Autofile Options

Open ClearContext > Options > AutoFile to configure the service.  The following options are available:

  • Enable AutoFile message filing turns AutoFile on/off.
  • Create Daily Digest message in Inbox directs ClearContext to place a summary of all AutoFiled messages in the Inbox once/day.
  • Check Allow automatic updating and sharing of rules to periodically download new AutoFile rules for automated senders.  When enabled, this will send the custom AutoFile rules that you create to ClearContext so that new bulk senders can be identified.
  • Enable/Disable individual Filing Groups in the bottom half of the options dialog.
  • Double-click a filing group or highlight and click Open Details to see the rules designated for the selected group.  Turn off individual rules from this dialog.
  • Press Apply to Inbox to apply all currently enabled AutoFile rules to your Inbox.  This is especially useful after an AutoFile rule update.

Review email filed and your email activityDaily Digest

The Daily Digest is sent to your Inbox once/day and lists all messages filed over the last 24 hours.  Use this message to ensure that you don’t miss an important AutoFiled email.  Click on a filing group to jump to the folder that contains the filed messages.  The Daily Digest also provides some email usage and responsiveness statistics for the last 24 hours.  Disable the Daily Digest via ClearContext > Options > AutoFile.

Video Demo

Watch a demo of AutoFile on the ClearContext Personal Getting Started video:

Getting Started with ClearContext Personal

Holiday Email Triage

autofile_options_smallAs we prepare to take off for the US Thanksgiving holiday, here are some tips for tackling the Inbox after time off:

  1. Select ClearContext > Options > AutoFile > Apply to Inbox to file messages using ClearContext’s automatic rules.
  2. File other unimportant, informational messages by dragging email from bulk senders onto an AutoFile filing group in the sidebar.  This will move all messages these senders into folders for later review.  Watch a demo of this here.
  3. Starting with your high priority (CC VIP) messages, manage your inbox; spending a minute or two on each conversation.  Delete, Reply, File, Defer, Unsubscribe or create a Task or Appointment and quickly move on.

Enjoy the vacation!

ClearContext Personal Gets Your Inbox Under Control

At ClearContext, our vision is to organize all the information that flows through email. But with the ever-increasing flood of unimportant email, many people are too overwhelmed to even get started.  So we’ve created ClearContext Personal, a free product to help Outlook users get their inbox under control and see the email that really matters.

Everyone complains about getting too much email, when in reality most of us simply get too much unimportant email and don’t have useful tools to deal with it.  People try all kinds of systems to deal with the glut of messages from social networks, newsletters and ecommerce sites, but trying to manage folders, labels and multiple accounts fails over time for many people because it is too much work.  The result is that people spend too much time dealing with messages that aren’t important.

ClearContext Personal makes that information easier to deal with by doing three things:

  1. Automatically filing unimportant messages out of your inbox to deal with later
  2. Creating a daily digest of all autofiled email, so you never lose any information
  3. Highlighting email from important senders in your inbox without any confusing rules or training

We’re not the only ones to recognize the huge challenge people face dealing with all these messages.  Gmail created Priority Inbox to try and tackle the issue.  And in their new messaging platform, Facebook acknowledges the problem by separating mail into two inboxes – one for messages from your friends and another for all other messages.

Today, ClearContext brings that type of next-generation inbox functionality to the hundreds of millions of Outlook users facing similar problems with email.  With ClearContext Personal, we’ve focused on making everything clear and easy to understand for the user.  “Bacn” emails such as newsletters and notifications are automatically separated into “AutoFiled” folders – and organized into categories like Travel, Social, Shopping, etc.  And simply hit the “Important” button to have all email from specific people highlighted as VIP emails.  No complicated rules or configuration, just install and the AutoFile service will regularly update with new rules to automatically file and categorize email – so you can focus on the important emails in your inbox.

To see more info and download this free product, visit

And for users that would like to also manage all of their email, tasks, appointments, files, and contacts into projects in Outlook, try a free 30-day trial of ClearContext Pro

ClearContext 5.2 Adds Automated Inbox “Bacn” Filtering

We’re very excited to announce that ClearContext Pro v5.2 is now available for download.  ClearContext 5.2 introduces a completely new module to automatically filter and manage all the “bacn” newsletter and notification emails you receive.


Automated emails (notifications, newsletters, coupons, etc) are now automatically categorized and filed for you.  The AutoFile service regularly updates with new rules to manage unimportant email.


A new AutoFile tab in the ClearContext sidebar lets you quickly review and manage all your AutoFiled messages, and the Daily Digest provides a summary of AutoFiled messages so you don’t have to worry about losing any information.

When upgrading from v5.1 or earlier AutoFile is enabled by default, including sharing AutoFile rules you create and downloading updates.  Adjust these settings in ClearContext > Options > AutoFile.

Other Features

A number of minor enhancements have been made to increase the flexibility of the ClearContext Dashboard and Task Organizer functionality. These include support for people who organize by start date and undated tasks, as well as subproject and optional appointment views in the Organizer Review tab.

And we now include full Outlook 2010 x64 support!

Visit for more details.

Download and install Outlook add-in to organize email and manage inboxRegistered v5 customers can download v5.2 here.

New customers can purchase v5 here.  Registered ClearContext Pro v4 users can purchase an upgrade to v5 here.