ClearContext Personal Gets Your Inbox Under Control

At ClearContext, our vision is to organize all the information that flows through email. But with the ever-increasing flood of unimportant email, many people are too overwhelmed to even get started.  So we’ve created ClearContext Personal, a free product to help Outlook users get their inbox under control and see the email that really matters.

Everyone complains about getting too much email, when in reality most of us simply get too much unimportant email and don’t have useful tools to deal with it.  People try all kinds of systems to deal with the glut of messages from social networks, newsletters and ecommerce sites, but trying to manage folders, labels and multiple accounts fails over time for many people because it is too much work.  The result is that people spend too much time dealing with messages that aren’t important.

ClearContext Personal makes that information easier to deal with by doing three things:

  1. Automatically filing unimportant messages out of your inbox to deal with later
  2. Creating a daily digest of all autofiled email, so you never lose any information
  3. Highlighting email from important senders in your inbox without any confusing rules or training

We’re not the only ones to recognize the huge challenge people face dealing with all these messages.  Gmail created Priority Inbox to try and tackle the issue.  And in their new messaging platform, Facebook acknowledges the problem by separating mail into two inboxes – one for messages from your friends and another for all other messages.

Today, ClearContext brings that type of next-generation inbox functionality to the hundreds of millions of Outlook users facing similar problems with email.  With ClearContext Personal, we’ve focused on making everything clear and easy to understand for the user.  “Bacn” emails such as newsletters and notifications are automatically separated into “AutoFiled” folders – and organized into categories like Travel, Social, Shopping, etc.  And simply hit the “Important” button to have all email from specific people highlighted as VIP emails.  No complicated rules or configuration, just install and the AutoFile service will regularly update with new rules to automatically file and categorize email – so you can focus on the important emails in your inbox.

To see more info and download this free product, visit

And for users that would like to also manage all of their email, tasks, appointments, files, and contacts into projects in Outlook, try a free 30-day trial of ClearContext Pro


  1. Great Work! I really like the new Bacn-approach!

  2. […] File other unimportant, informational messages by dragging email from bulk senders onto an AutoFile filing group in the sidebar.  This will move all messages these senders into folders for later review.  Watch a demo of this here. […]

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  4. Conceptually, I do like the idea of AutoFile for helping to manage the chaff. However, I already have my chaff mostly under control.

    That said, and unless I’m missing something, I feel this new Personal edition is a downgrade from earlier Personal editions by taking away the flexibility of rapidly assigning mails to user-defined folders.

    It could be nice to have both AutoFile and the old File Message to Topic approach of the earlier editions. If I had to choose, though, I’d take the File Message to Topic that I could control. Every time.