Pending Tab for Dashboard Released

Just a quick note to announce the production release of the Pending Tab for the Dashboard. The new Pending functionality streamlines the main Dashboard task list to those are actionable and moves Followup and check later type to-dos to the Pending list. See full details in our previous notes here and here.

The update is rolling out to Beta and Early Adopter channels now and will continue with all users shortly.


  1. If you set a follow up message but do not set it to auto cancel it will not show up in the new dashboard.

  2. Yes, non-automatic Follow up tasks are not included in pending by design, since those are manually managed tasks. If you would like them moved to the Pending list, a way to do so is to set the option for Followup to set a category automatically, such as @followup. Then customize the Pending view to include @followup tasks.