ClearContext v6: Flexibility and Efficiency

We are very excited to start telling you about the next major release of ClearContext, version 6. For some time, we have been hearing the need for more comprehensive support for various Outlook configurations such as multiple mail accounts and integration with multiple data files. The scope of these enhancements requires a major infrastructure overhaul, so after recently completing our planned set of v5 incremental releases, that’s where we’ve been focusing most of our efforts.

Along with these infrastructural changes, the other main goal of the v6 release is redesigning a number of features to make them more efficient and useful. To do the best job possible at incorporating feedback from our users, we will be handling the beta and pre-release development a bit differently from prior beta cycles. Beta participation will be limited exclusively to Connect members, and the beta program will be more focused on addressing user feedback.

As a reminder, Connect is our yearly subscription program for free upgrades, priority support and access to pre-release software. Before we begin beta testing of v6, we will provide opportunities for those who are not members or whose memberships have lapsed to join Connect.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for additional information on ClearContext v6. We look forward to kicking off the beta program soon and having you involved in developing the next version of ClearContext!


  1. Good luck as always! Regards to Brad!

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  3. For those of us that have a lifetime license (a promotion you ran at some point in the past, I don’t really remember) will we have access to the beta?

  4. I had the same question Drew did? The promotion was from August 2010…

  5. Drew, Robert – yes, Lifetime Connect subscribers will have access!

  6. When will the Beta be available? Merry Christmas to us??

  7. Good news and more good news… and glad I picked up the liftime connect when I did… looking forward to getting a look at this.

  8. I have purchased ClearContext within the last 90 days. How do I check whether I am a Connect subscriber and if not subscribe?

  9. Simon, soon we will have a Connect status page on our web site where you can check subscription status and subscribe/renew

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  11. When will V6 beta version be available to Connect subscribers?

  12. I purchased a lifetime license a while back, but now that v6 has come out will that apply to that? I have tried to use my info to download V6 but it rejects my info. What do I need to do get what you promised?