New FREE release from ActiveWords!

We’re always on the lookout for other products that also help people increase their productivity. Buzz Bruggeman and the team at ActiveWords aw_logohave released a new version of their product, which allows you to script just about anything in Windows so you can type words to do all sorts of actions with simple keyboard shortcuts.  Their latest release includes a free version that lets you create up to 30 ActiveWords – and you can upgrade to their Plus version to create unlimited words.  Lots of our users have taken advantage of this to create custom shortcuts for ClearContext and other applications.  The ActiveWords/Freemium release is now available for everyone to download and check it out!


  1. Nah, it is crippled useless as you can only store 30 items.

    Why waste our time with such useless junk? You run into the restriction even after adding the most basic text replacements or macro functions.

    Try AutoHotkey or PhraseExpress instead. Both are not limited in such restrictive manner.

  2. I like Activewords and have been using it for 3 years but it has a few bugs that the Activewords staff have never fixed and in fact did not care to fix unfortunately. Otherwise AW has saved me a ton of money, in the software it shows it saved me about $41,000 in labour…….yes, $41 thousand.

    But that said, I recently tried PhraseExpress and within a few days switched over to it completely… has far more features, is updated literally every month, and even allows you to choose things like what should be the prefix to the replaced text and what should be done to the delimiter.
    Plus they have a network version on their site as standard that I setup in a matter of minutes and which allows me to share my phrases with other staff and for centralizing our standard phrases and macros.

    I was averse to switching from Activewords but it keeps failing upon leaving my computer for 10-15 minutes so I have to restart it (despite a fix on their site which never worked for me), keeps adding extra letters when activing AW words on websites, and runs 3-4 services whereas PE runs only one service in Task Manager.

    Plus the fact that they are updating their software literally once or twice a month shows they keep developing it. AW though has had no improvements now for 2-3 years. Since I started using it, its interface has never changed, no features have been added that make it better other than AW words for other applications. In fact the version number is still 1.95 for years now. And the website has not changed in years either.
    It is a shame as it saved me a lot of money.