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ClearContext v6 Release Candidate

We are thrilled to announce that the development of ClearContext Professional Version 6 is complete. The Release Candidate is now available for download to our Connect subscribers. This Release Candidate build is intended to be the production release, and will become the version available publicly on our web site, assuming no last minute issues arise.

Before Version 6 is released publicly, we do have some work to do on updating the documentation and ClearContext web site. However, we will open up access to anyone interested in trying v6 in the next week or so.

As a reminder to our Connect members, for access, please register on our online forums using the same email address associated with your Connect account. Once registered and logged in, you will see the private Connect forums where the v6 Release Candidate can be downloaded.

Also, version 6 requires new license keys and the existing v5 license keys cannot be used with v6. Connect members can claim their new v6 license keys by visiting their Connect status page.

Thanks to everyone for their interest and enthusiasm, and we look forward to making ClearContext Professional Version 6 available to all shortly!

ClearContext v6 Beta 2

ClearContext Professional v6 Beta 2 has been released and is available to our Connect subscribers. Beta 2 incorporates many improvements and fixes from feedback on the first beta. We invite any Connect members who have not yet tried the v6 beta to check out this latest version.

Some highlights on Beta 2 improvements include:

  • Dashboard: Inactive Projects filter, user interface improvements, performance fixes
  • AutoFile: configurable mail file location, revised rule creation window
  • Project Selector: improved handling of long names, auto increase of window height according to number of suggestions, warning before filing to deleted Project folders
  • Outlook 2010 Ribbon: toolbar optimization, customization and keyboard shortcuts
  • Followup/Defer: addition of quick hours selection UI

A more complete change list is available in the Connect forums. For information on overall v6 changes, please see our prior blog posts.

With the completion of beta 2, the next milestone for v6 is the production ready Release Candidate. As the focus is now primarily on testing and critical bug fixes, we anticipate a much shorter amount of time to finish the Release Candidate as compared to the Beta releases. The completion of v6 is drawing near and we thank everyone for their enthusiasm and patience.

As a reminder to our Connect members, for beta access, please register on our online forums using the same email address associated with your Connect account. Once registered and logged in, you will see the private Connect forums where the beta can be downloaded.

ClearContext v6 Beta 1

ClearContext Professional v6 Beta 1 is now available  for our Connect subscribers! We appreciate all the interest in Version 6 and look forward to hearing feedback on the new v6 capabilities and improvements. For information on the the changes in v6, please see our previous post on ClearContext v6 Highlights.

To participate in the beta program a Connect membership and a registration to the ClearContext online forums is required.

Private Connect forums have been created that are visible and accessible only to Connect members. Beta information, downloads and discussion will take place in these private forums. Access to these forums is granted automatically based on a matching email address between a Connect subscription and the email address used to register on the forums. If assistance is needed in enabling the private Connect forums for your user account, please contact us at support at

ClearContext v5.4: Getting Things Done with Categories

Since early releases of ClearContext, we’ve always had a significant group of passionate users who are also fans of productivity systems like Getting Things Done and Total Workday Control. We’ve had a special build customized for our TWC users for a while. We’re now pleased to announce the release of ClearContext Pro v5.4, which includes some much-requested features to better support our GTD users as well.

Review your highest priority projectsGTD users and other users who organize their tasks using special Outlook categories can download a GTD setup guide for ClearContext with detailed setup instructions.  Here’s a quick overview of some key features to help GTD users stay organized with ClearContext:

  • Context Categories – You can now manage your tasks based on either categories or projects. Select a category view on the ClearContext Summary Dashboard to display a count of tasks and appointments by context category in the dashboard, highlighting due and overdue categories.  Context categories are denoted by a special character in front of the category name (i.e. @Calls, !Next, *Phone).  
  • Category Dashboards – Double-click a context category on the Dashboard to open it in the Detail tab (formerly the Project tab).  This will show all tasks and appointments with the assigned category.  Add new tasks to the category using the Add Task function on the detail dashboard and ClearContext will automatically append the current context category to the task.
  • Next Actions -  Right click tasks in the Dashboard or Organizer to mark them as Next Actions.  A small arrow will appear next to those items you have identified as Next and a category of !Next will be assigned to the task. Use the Next Action filter on your task list in the Dashboard to see only those tasks marked !Next.

More details on these and other GTD-related features can be found in the GTD setup guide.

Upgrade ClearContextThe v5.4 upgrade is complimentary for registered v5 customers, registered v5-TWC users and active Connect members.  Download here.

GTD and Getting Things Done are registered trademarks of David Allen & Company. ClearContext Corporation is not affiliated with David Allen & Company in any manner.

ClearContext v5.1.1 Available for Download

Upgrade ClearContextWe have released a minor update to v5.1 that addresses the following:

  • Eliminated an issue that disables ClearContext when Outlook is opened as a background process
  • Fixed MessageContext Tasks/Appointment count
  • Improved threading/project assignment when sending messages with the same subject to SMTP recipients

If you are experiencing any of the above in v5.1, download and install from here.

ClearContext 5.1 Combines Email, Task and Project Management Inside Outlook Inbox

This week we’re very excited to release the next major evolution of ClearContext.  We’ve always been focused on helping people take control of their inbox with simple and powerful email management tools.  With ClearContext v5.1, we’ve built on that to make it just as easy to stay on top of all your tasks and projects too.

What’s new in 5.1?

In ClearContext Pro v5.1, the ClearContext Dashboard window has been replaced with a sidebar inside the Outlook inbox that brings many task and project features to the forefront of the product.  For more extensive task management, we’ve also added a powerful Task Organizer to review and edit tasks in bulk.  Here’s a quick overview of the new Sidebar and Task Organizer functionality:

user_guide_dashboardClearContext Sidebar – Dashboard

  • View the status of projects due now, active projects, or find any project
  • Pin your most important projects for quick access to them
  • Easily edit or create new tasks right in the sidebar
  • View tasks filtered by date/category/priority/etc

ClearContext Sidebar – Project Tabs

  • Jump to the associated email folder for any project
  • Add free-form notes (for call logs, reminders, etc) to projects
  • View and create/edit project tasks
  • View associated files and contacts
  • Easily move/rename projects

Task Organizer

  • Launch from menu/toolbar or sidebar Manage Tasks buttons
  • Change due dates on tasks in bulk
  • Manage and view tasks by project, category, priority, etc
  • Review completed or pending tasks
  • When the ClearContext sidebar is closed, a Task Reminder window will pop up when you have several overdue tasks.

Here’s a clip of the new features in action:

We look forward to hearing your feedback on all of the new functionality so we can continue to make it even better for you!

Download and install Outlook add-in to organize email and manage inboxRegistered v5 customers can download v5.1 here.

New customers can purchase v5 here.  Registered ClearContext Pro v4 users can purchase an upgrade to v5 here.  Purchase now and you’ll also receive a free upgrade to our upcoming v5.2 release focused on comprehensive automated filing to process your newsletters, notifications, and other bulk email, plus even more task and project management features!

Start 2010 Right With ClearContext

Our previous blog post was about the backlog of messages many of us start off with in the new year.  Well, we’re here to help with that! We’d like to see everyone to start the new year by letting the new ClearContext v5 help them take control of their inbox.  And we’d love for you to help us spread the word!

Through the end of January, we’re giving away a ClearContext Pro license every day.  There are multiple ways to enter the drawing, such as following us on twitter or facebook, or tweeting about ClearContext.  And we appreciate everyone who has already supported us – you are all eligible as well!  In addition to licenses to new users, we’re also giving away upgrades, ClearContext Connect subscriptions, and other prizes to people who are already ClearContext users!  Click here for more details on how to participate.

Thanks so much for your support and helping us spread the word about ClearContext to all of your friends and colleagues who could use a little help getting their inbox under control!

ClearContext v5.0 Released to Production!

selector_mail_files_smallWe are pleased to announce that ClearContext v5 has been released to production!

ClearContext v5 is about making the things you do in email simpler, faster, and smarter.  You’ll fly through your email and project management thanks to advancements including:

  • Smart one-click filing and suggestions to file messages and create projects faster than ever before
  • A new prioritization system that highlights email from known senders and VIPs using categories, flags, or color-coded views
  • Support for simultaneous multiple computer operation
  • Preliminary support for Outlook 2010 beta users (x86 only – Office 2010 64 bit support pending)
  • Improved high-performance, high-reliability infrastructure
  • And of course all of ClearContext’s powerful task, schedule, and project dashboard capabilities!

Read more about v5 here.  We’ll have new videos and tutorials for v5 coming soon!

New customers can purchase v5 here.  Registered ClearContext Pro users can purchase an upgrade to v5 for here.  Purchase now and you’ll also receive free upgrades to these upcoming releases:

  • v5.1 – improved project management and dashboard capabilities, with a new flexible project dashboard UI integrated even more tightly into Outlook
  • v5.2 – comprehensive automated filing to process your newsletters, notifications, and other bulk email with express setup and reporting capabilities

Download ClearContext v5 today to get more done in Outlook than ever before!

ClearContext v5.0 Release Candidate Available

selector_mail_files_smallThe release candidate for ClearContext v5.0 is now available for download here.  For more info about changes and new features in v5, see this post.  We’ve addressed much of the beta feedback; updates have been posted in the beta forum.

Our official 5.0 production release will follow shortly, including updated user guide and other documentation and information on upgrading.   We’ll be making more in-depth posts about 5.0 features in the coming weeks, as well as letting you know about the new features planned for the 5.1 and 5.2 releases.  Stay tuned to the blog for all the latest info! 

ClearContext Connect Members: Installing v5 will start a 30-day v5 Professional trial.  You will be emailed your v5 Pro license shortly.

ClearContext v5 Beta – What’s New?

ClearContext v5 is currently in beta testing, with final release coming soon.  This release makes ClearContext’s email management features faster, more automated, and more intuitive so it’s even easier for users to stay in control of their inbox. Here are some of the key differences you’ll find between ClearContext v4 and v5.0.


image One of the biggest changes in v5 is an intelligent one-click filing system and project selector.  The File Msg button on the toolbar now displays either the name of the project folder assigned to this conversation or a smart one-click filing suggestion (indicated by a question mark image ) for new conversation threads.  Open the project selector ( image ) for additional filing suggestions or to quickly search for any folder across all your mail files.

Views and Prioritization

image In place of ClearContext’s old inbox views, v5 uses categories to indicate important messages.  ClearContext marks messages from your important contacts as “CC-VIP” and messages in threads you’ve participated in or from contacts you know as “CC-OK.”  Customize category name and color in options or configure ClearContext to mark important messages with flags or Outlook priority.  This lets you quickly scan and identify your most important messages. We’ve also provided three optional color-coded views using these priority indicator categories.

More Supported Configurations

image Many of our customers run Outlook on multiple PCs.  ClearContext v5 includes support to run ClearContext on each of those machines, keeping track of filing and prioritization information across them all.  v5 also provides preliminary support for Outlook 2010 (Technical Preview – x86 only).  Additionally, ClearContext v5 now provides filing support to unlimited Outlook mail files.

Features Not Included in v5.0

A few v4 features no longer exist in v5.0.  FolderContext has been removed, as most pro users prefer to use Project Dashboards to view that information.  FolderContext will be redesigned for the v5.1 release.  Alerts and custom Notification Managers have also been removed in v5.0.  Those two features will be redesigned for v5.2.

More to Come

v5.0 is just the beginning of the next generation of ClearContext.  Our v5.0 release focuses on streamlining inbox management.  Version 5.1 is dedicated to improving project management and dashboard capabilities.  And 5.2 will focus on improvements to AutoAssign and related features.  See our blog for the v5 product roadmap.

We hope the new features in ClearContext v5 make it an even more useful and seamless part of improving your Outlook and email experience.  To preview v5, download the beta test version here.  Post all feedback and issues in the beta section of our User Forums.

All v4 purchases made after August 1, 2009 and all ClearContext Connect subscribers will receive a complimentary upgrade to v5.  This upgrade is available for all ClearContext customers, including the TWC/MYN powered edition of ClearContext Pro.

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