ClearContext v6 Beta 2

ClearContext Professional v6 Beta 2 has been released and is available to our Connect subscribers. Beta 2 incorporates many improvements and fixes from feedback on the first beta. We invite any Connect members who have not yet tried the v6 beta to check out this latest version.

Some highlights on Beta 2 improvements include:

  • Dashboard: Inactive Projects filter, user interface improvements, performance fixes
  • AutoFile: configurable mail file location, revised rule creation window
  • Project Selector: improved handling of long names, auto increase of window height according to number of suggestions, warning before filing to deleted Project folders
  • Outlook 2010 Ribbon: toolbar optimization, customization and keyboard shortcuts
  • Followup/Defer: addition of quick hours selection UI

A more complete change list is available in the Connect forums. For information on overall v6 changes, please see our prior blog posts.

With the completion of beta 2, the next milestone for v6 is the production ready Release Candidate. As the focus is now primarily on testing and critical bug fixes, we anticipate a much shorter amount of time to finish the Release Candidate as compared to the Beta releases. The completion of v6 is drawing near and we thank everyone for their enthusiasm and patience.

As a reminder to our Connect members, for beta access, please register on our online forums using the same email address associated with your Connect account. Once registered and logged in, you will see the private Connect forums where the beta can be downloaded.


  1. I’ve been a long-time user of Pro edition of CCIMS. I’m very interested in trying to get the v6 Beta 2. Unfortunately, my login (that I used to register my v5 Pro version doesn’t seem to be the same to allow me access to this. I’ve conversed with Brad Meador in the past on some things, but it has been awhile, so perhaps things have changed on your end with CCIMS Connect vs. regularly licensed product? I don’t know. Any guidance you could provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Brian, the v6 beta test is private and available only to Connect subscribers. We will make v6 available for all to try once we reach Release Candidate status, hopefully within a month or so.

  3. Release Candidate status in May or June and another “month or so” until final release?

    I received my marketing email at the turn of the year suggesting I renew in order to be able to take advantage of the ‘soon to be released’ new version.

    I hope you might consider extending the support term for Connect subscribers who signed up / renewed in response to your email marketing push.

  4. I too purchased the upgrade on Dec 15 2011 – looks like this isnt going to be released as a ‘soon to be released’ version, still – it will be over SIX MONTHS since paying for it.

    not happy

  5. We do apologize things have taken a bit longer than some of you expected, especially those who took advantage of the offer early on.

    Version 6 is almost finished and the release candidate will be available within a few weeks. Our release candidate is intended to be the production release, and not a test version. Barring any last minute issues, we expect to post that same build to the public website when we are ready to launch version 6. Thanks for your patience.