ClearContext v6 Beta 1

ClearContext Professional v6 Beta 1 is now available  for our Connect subscribers! We appreciate all the interest in Version 6 and look forward to hearing feedback on the new v6 capabilities and improvements. For information on the the changes in v6, please see our previous post on ClearContext v6 Highlights.

To participate in the beta program a Connect membership and a registration to the ClearContext online forums is required.

Private Connect forums have been created that are visible and accessible only to Connect members. Beta information, downloads and discussion will take place in these private forums. Access to these forums is granted automatically based on a matching email address between a Connect subscription and the email address used to register on the forums. If assistance is needed in enabling the private Connect forums for your user account, please contact us at support at


  1. So I’ve renewed my subscription but I don’t see the V6 Beta anywhere in the forum?

  2. I can not find the form, I have renewed my subscription, tried multiple email addresses and still no forum.

  3. If you have registered and logged in at our forums at and don’t see the private Connect area, please send an email to support at with your forum login name and the email address you purchased your Connect membership and we will assist you.

  4. Any update on the roll out of v6?

    We’ve heard the hype and the encouragement to sign up for support, to avoid missing out on the upgrade… and now it feels like silence!

    Excited and loyal customers would like to hear how things are going 🙂

  5. I saw another related post. Is there an ETA for the production/go-live?

    I saw mentioned of a “beta2” and then a “release canditate” and the “production”.

    with beta1 being about 2 months so far – is june the likely month for go-live?

  6. Michael,
    as you saw in the other post beta 2 is almost ready, hopefully within the next week or so. We anticipate a much shorter cycle from beta 2 to the RC, so we are getting close to completion of v6.

    We’ll put up a new blog post and update as soon as beta 2 is released.

  7. Using 6 beta 1 is slowing down my Outlook 2010 64 bit immensely. When is beta 2 being released?

  8. Ronald, please send us a diagnostic email by going to your ClearContext About screen and pressing the email support button. The beta 2 changes in themselves are unlikely to solve any performance problems you are having.