ClearContext v7 Release Candidate

Development of ClearContext v7 is now complete! We have made the v7 release candidate available for anyone to try, and this release should transition to becoming the production version assuming that no significant issues arise. For more details and download links, please view our forum post.

For our existing users, please note that v7 requires a new license and that v6 keys will not work with this new version. We will make upgrade licenses available for purchase once we formally launch v7, and in the meantime the fully functional trial mode is available for anyone to try. Connect subscribers can obtain their new v7 licenses by visiting their Connect account page.


  1. Hello,
    i had been using V. 6.2.5 without any issues. after installing V7 release candidate i noticed that my organizer became completely blank. i even tried creating new tasks/appointments to see if the organizer will reflect these, however, that didn’t happen. i’m using Outlook 2013 with Windows 7 and CC V7 release cnadidate. would appreciate quick response on this issue. thanks.

  2. One change in v7 is that ClearContext can manage tasks from all your mail files now instead of only the default mail file. Check your ClearContext->Options screen and make sure the mail file with your tasks is enabled for use with ClearContext.

  3. got it…thanks

  4. Hello,

    Is using tasks in other folders (PST files for example) as simple as enabling the check box in Options? I ask because I am having difficulty doing so using the CC v7 RC with Outlook 2013 and Windows 7.


  5. Jason, all that should be required to manage tasks from other mail files is to enable the mail file in the ClearContext->Options screen. The tasks in the other PST files do need to be in the Outlook recognized tasks folder, however, and not just in any regular folder.