ClearContext v7 – Quick New Tasks

In this installment of of our ClearContext v7 preview, we would like to introduce the new quick tasks feature. We have seen the need to easily enter in tasks throughout the day, often while working outside of Outlook, and then be able to organize these new tasks efficiently at a later time. The new quick tasks window is separate from the Outlook window and floats above other windows so that you can work on other documents, spreadsheets or applications and have quick access to creating new tasks as you think of them. This task window is optimized for quick task entry and one can choose to enter only a subject or add additional information. Supporting the creation of these tasks are a listing of recently created tasks to remind about what has already been created, and a new mode in the Organizer that allows one to focus on these recently created tasks. This new task entry and management capability will streamline and expedite the process of creating and managing new tasks.


The last phase of development and testing for the v7 beta is progressing smoothly and we hope to make available our first beta version to our Connect subscribers within a few weeks. We will continue to post the latest updates and information here on our blog.

New Purchasers: As of September 1, 2014, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.


  1. Good idea.
    but pleas provide some options to:
    – set a default start date (ie: today, Tomorrow, next week, next month): according to MYN method
    – set a default due date: Oultook automatically set due=start, I’d rather prefer to have a way to choose due date related to start: due date = start date, = start date + n week , due date= never (for example= start date + 10 years …)
    – remember to add an option in the Windows for setting priority

  2. Another idea: why do not integrate “project note” in dashboard with Outlook post?
    I mean: in the note window I’d like to view a summary of the same items I can add as “post” in Outlook (with post I mean the same object CC creates with daily digest)
    It could be very useful.

    In general, I think the less CC use custom object, the better it is (use as much you can the “normal” Outlook objects)

    Good job!