ClearContext v6.0.1

We have released a maintenance release for v6.0 to resolve several issues. Visit the v6 update page to view the change log or to download the update.


  1. No news = good news?

    Can’t live without ClearContext – love the product. However, a bit worried about the perceived lack of activity from the ClearContext team. Last blog entry from July. No comments… What is going on?

    Perhaps I am not looking in the right places?

    Best regards,


  2. Glad to hear the product works well for you! It has been quiet lately, though that is often the case after a major release such as with v6. We are happy to report that the roll-out of v6 has been extremely smooth.

    There will be a 6.1 release to support Outlook 2013 in the coming months, but we’re not ready to make any official announcement about that yet.

  3. Clear Context already runs fairly smoothly in 2013, but I was curious if there is any update on the 6.1 release?

  4. We are working on the 6.1 release and hope to have it out in the next couple of months.