ClearContext v6: Highlights

Selector PreviewIn our last post introducing ClearContext v6, we talked about the focus on flexibility and efficiency for this new release. Here is a brief description of some of the enhancements in version 6:

  • Refreshed and streamlined user interface for ClearContext windows and toolbars
  • Inbox and sent mail processing for multiple email accounts. Prioritization and automated actions such as AutoFile will now be supported in multiple mail files.
  • Unicode support to properly handle multi-byte languages
  • Performance improvements for Project selection to support thousands of entries
  • Dynamic creation of ClearContext folders so they do not appear if unused
  • Addition of Google Apps to supported configurations
  • Addition of “Window 8” to supported configuration
  • Other enhancements for multiple mail file support and configuration

In addition to these highlights, ClearContext v6 will also incorporate many other tweaks and enhancements to improve usability or address known issues. Some of these come from our own lists and planning, and many will come from feedback during testing from our Connect members.

As we mentioned previously, access to the v6 beta will be an exclusive benefit for Connect members. If you would like to check your membership status, please visit our Connect Subscription Status page. Also, you should be receiving a special offer in your inbox if you need to subscribe to or renew Connect. If you do not receive this email, please send an email to and we would be happy to add you to the mailing list.


  1. You keep tantalising us with the prospect of v6 but when can we get our hands on the Beta?!

    Peter H

  2. We are working hard to get v6 ready and expect to start the beta process early in the new year

  3. Great improvements! Thanks.

  4. Spanish version or Spanish compatible availability?

  5. Could you please define “Early netxt year” because youe already asking your custumers for paying next years rental with delivering, only how should i say – only promisies.

  6. rpccmsi, the product will only be localized in English as it is currently in v5. However, many users use the product with Spanish and other languages.

  7. bxandi, our goal is to have our first beta out in January or early February. The software is not a “rental”, you can continue to use the version you own, and purchased an upgrade whenever you wish. You will however pay less to get the v6 upgrade if you take advantage of the Connect promotion right now.

  8. Hi, I’ve paid for a lifetime license since v.4.
    If I’m correctly understanding, I’m eligibile of free upgrade when v.6 will be released, but I cannot partecipate to beta program. I’m right?

    If not, please consider I’m very intereseted in beta testing.

    Many thanks.

  9. Hi Marcello, actually you are a lifetime member of Connect, so you will get the v6 upgrade and will be eligible for the beta.

  10. When I purchased my bundle last year, v5 was already out.
    So if I purchase this again now, when does my year of updates begin? Now, When the product is Beta? Or when it actually gets released?

  11. R Sava, Connect is a one year subscription and it starts as soon as it is purchased. If you have an active subscription, use your original order information to extend the end of your original subscription by another year.

  12. Can you provide a little more detail on the new v6 functionality: “Inbox and sent mail processing for multiple email accounts”? I use v5.4.5 in Outlook 2007 with multiple OL profiles, one for each of several Exchange accounts. I also open additional PST files from within each profile and use one of ClearContext’s features to file received from and sent to email in the profile Exchange account to open PSTs. This works very well.
    Do you mean that inbox and sent mail processing will now be supported for multiple POP3 or IMAP accounts open in the same OL profile? Please explain.
    Thanks for a great product!

  13. JimK, yes Inbox and Sent Mail processing for multiple POP3 and Exchange accounts will now be supported within the same profile. IMAP support however, remains experimental.

  14. Not having purchased before, how long after the new version is released does it take for the GTD and MYN versions to follow?

  15. The MYN version is usually released at or near the same time. The GTD features are included in both the standard and MYN versions.

  16. Hello,
    and a good new 2012. Is there the promised V6 beta version ready for test?

  17. Alex, we hope to be ready by the end of this month.

  18. Okay perfect seeing forward to 31th January 12.

  19. Do we have a release date for beta planned? We are close to end of month and waiting with baited breath for the new release.

  20. […] ClearContext Professional v6 Beta 1 is now available  for our Connect subscribers! We appreciate all the interest in Version 6 and look forward to hearing feedback on the new v6 capabilities and improvements. For information on the the changes in v6, please see our previous post on ClearContext v6 Highlights. […]

  21. Dashboard screenshot would be nice, need to know if it’s now possible to see a full page size dashboard instead of the tiny right side.

    Have stop my self from moving from 5.0.2 because this significant change.

  22. Martin, the dashboard remains a sidebar. We don’t have a full page dashboard planned for v6, but it remains on our list for future consideration.

  23. I have recently signed up for the uograde bundle which allows access to pre-release software. However, I cannot find a link on the website to download v.6.

    Can you help?

  24. Alwin – please register on our forums using the same email you used for your purchase. You will then see the private Connect forums when logged in and will be able to access the beta there.

  25. Hi,

    Its Feb now, do we have an ETA for v6?


  26. George, we released the first v6 beta at the end of last month and we plan to release an updated second beta in the coming weeks.

  27. When is v6 coming out? We are expecting it for months. Thanks

  28. Martin, the second v6 beta is close to completion. Once that is released, it won’t be much longer to the release candidate build.

  29. I have to vent a little.
    Earlier this year I was sent a marketing/sales email that highly recommended your support subscription – strongly hinting that version 6 was just around the corner. It sounds like just around the corner is going to be about six months! I only purchased the support so I could get the soon to be released version.

    If it were clear that the new version was so far away, it would have been better value to wait and pay the increased support renewal and get 12 months of support post release rather than only six months of support.

    Love the product (kudos to your dev team) – hate marketing that gives the wrong impression (thumbs down to your marketing team)

  30. Kevin, sorry to hear of your disappointment. I believe v6 may be closer than you may think. Beta 2 is imminent and we expect development to be finished with the release candidate just a few weeks after that.

    We will try to be more clear in the future on anticipated timeframes. Feel free to contact us at support at if you have further concerns or feedback.