v5.4 Updates Roundup

With the release of v5.4.5 last week, we are reaching the end of our 5.x release cycle and are now preparing for the v6 launch. Since the initial release of v5.4, we have released a number of minor updates, most of which were fixes to specific issues not impacting most users.

We’ve received inquiries asking about what specific changes have been incorporated into these maintenance releases. As we transition into v6 development, we thought it would be a good time to do a wrap-up of these changes in the v5.4 maintenance releases:


  • Automatically detect a loss of connection to Public Folders and attempt to restore the connection
  • Use different icons in the Project selector for Public Folders to better distinguish them from local folders
  • More effective deletion of Project suggestions from the Edit Suggestions function


  • Fix a stability issue when using Word as an editor for composing emails in Outlook 2003
  • Prevent a rare problem of a loss of connection to the suggestion database in Outlook 2010 while running
  • Filter out disabled AutoFile Groups in the AutoFile create rule window
  • Adjust Windows XP Theme detection to prevent UI color mismatches in certain environments
  • Translate Exchange addresses to more readable email addresses when creating Tasks/Appointments from messages
  • Fix crash when contact support button is pressed on severe error dialog before the application is initialized


  • Fix issue where categories are not saved in task creation from Dashboard when Project to category synchronization is disabled


  • Fix issue with suggestions database where version was not being incremented


  • Fix stability issue with loading recurring Appointments from the MessageContext
  • Set defaults for Dashboard in the TWC version
  • Allow selection of !next category in Organizer review

The latest version of ClearContext is always available by downloading from clearcontext.com.



  1. Would it be possible to make the “Find a Projekt window” to be resizable by the user? As my project paths are already longer than the “enlarged view” of that window my only chance to see the whole project path is through the tooltip of the mouse. Which is very counterproductive.

  2. Marc, we are leaning towards addressing this type of issue by abbreviating the beginning of the Project name so that the ending is always available.

  3. This would be an option I could live with – Thank you

  4. Hello,
    I am using CC since a while now, and since a while now I am dreaming aboutr one small feature that would simply ease up my life: would it be possible whenever we click on the [Schedule] button, that a meeting request is generated based on the selected mail AND that the people listed in the [To] and [CC] sections (of the selected mail) are INCLUDED whithin the meeting request ?
    Thx a lot.

  5. Karim,
    that sounds like a useful feature. I would recommend posting that suggestion in our forums to see if others are interested in that feature.