User Guide: Mark Important – Highlight Your Most Important Messages

The v5.1 release has introduced many new time-saving enhancements to the product.  We’re posting the updated User Guide over the next few weeks.

When a new email is received, ClearContext automatically prioritizes message conversations from VIPs and known senders.  Adjust message scoring on a case by case basis via Mark Conversation Important.

Mark Message Conversations Important

Change ClearContext’s automatic scoring for individual message conversations via the ClearContext open message toolbars or the ClearContext Inbox menu item (ClearContext > Message Actions > Mark Conversation Important).  This marks the message important using the message prioritization options set for VIPs in ClearContext > Options > Configuration.  It also marks all current and future email within that message conversation as important.

By default, the Inbox toolbar does not include Mark Conversation Important button.  You can add it to the toolbar via toolbar customization.

Message Prioritization

Mark Conversation Important is a quick way to elevate importance of messages from unknown senders.  To ensure that future messages from these senders are also marked as important, use Contact Prioritization.