User Guide: Email Scorecard – Measure Your Email Effectiveness

The v5.1 release has introduced many new time-saving enhancements to the product.  We’re posting the updated User Guide over several weeks.

The Email Activity Index provides an overall assessment of how effectively you’re managing your email and how heavy a workload you’re facing.

Email Activity Index

Launch Email ScorecardTo view your Email Activity Index, click More at the bottom of the Dashboard or selectScorecard from the ClearContext menu.  A browser window will open, displaying your some basic stats about your email usage along with the ClearContext Email Index.

ClearContext Email Index Rating: Effectiveness

This score is an overall measure of how effectively you are managing your email communications.  The higher your score, the better you are doing with email!


Excellent (80 – 100):  great job at staying on top of email and getting a lot done!

Blue Ribbon

Very Good (60 – 79): you are doing a good job at keeping up with email!


OK (40 – 59): you are just managing to stay in control of your email.

Attention Required

Warning (20 – 39): you are falling behind in your email communications.

Da Bomb

Danger (0 – 19): Your email is getting totally out of control.

Rating Areas

Your email effectiveness score is made up of three components:

  • Response Time: This factor measures how promptly you are responding to emails.  Getting back to emails that require responses within 24 hours will result in a good response time score. Use the ClearContext Daily Workflow to get through your email faster.
  • Inbox Control: This factor measures how effectively you are processing the messages in your inbox.  The more messages you have in your inbox and the longer it takes you to read, file, and/or delete messages, the lower your score will be.  Manage your Inbox more efficiently with these tips.
  • Communication: This factor measures how well you are doing at sending out messages and processing messages that require response/action.
ClearContext Email Index Rating: Workload Workload

Your workload score measures how heavy your email communication volumes are.  The more emails you send and receive, the higher your workload score will be – and the harder it is for you to keep on top of your email!  Review Top Five Ways to Reduce Email Traffic.

ClearContext Online


Register with ClearContext Online to see additional email usage metrics.  After registering:

  • Compare your stats with individual users
  • Join groups to compare with colleagues
  • Share your email activity index with others
  • View additional, detailed graphs including responsiveness, effectiveness and workload