ClearContext Daily Workflow: Identify

We recommend the following best practices for managing your workday with ClearContext:


ClearContext Daily Workflow for Email Processing


Identify Identify

Start your workday by identifying what you need to focus on.

Review your appointments for the day

Review today’s meetings and appointments.  Reschedule any conflicts.

Tasks and Appointments in the Dashboard

Review your Tasks and Actions for the day in the ClearContext Dashboard.  Adjust due dates based on task and project priorities.

Review your highest priority projects

Review overdue and pinned projects in the ClearContext Dashboard to determine which Projects require immediate attention.

Prioritized email

Identify your highest priority messages so that you are prepared to manage your Inbox.

Taking this time in the morning will get your priorities in place to ensure that you have a productive day.


Before you move on to the Manage phase and tackle your Inbox for the first time, work on one or two of your most important tasks.

Tomorrow: Twice daily, manage your inbox…


  1. I do love Clearcontext but I think the Daily workflow would greatly benefit from a all in one full screen that will allow the user to review all that in one screen. (A full screen Daily Workflow dashboard) That shows Today’s appts, Today’s tasks and coming due tasks, Projects that are coming due (allow user to set due dates on projects), Unread email in Inbox, Notifications for the day, Deferred email back in inbox today, etc..

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  3. I do not understand what you are trying to say.

  4. Daniel – that was a trackback from a later post. Thanks for the feedback.

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