User Guide: Introduction

The v5.1 release has introduced many new time-saving enhancements to the product.  We’re posting the updated User Guide over the next few weeks.

Following installation you will note that ClearContext has has added toolbars and a sidebar within Outlook. These features allow you to quickly & effectively manage email.  For a quick introduction, we recommend stepping through our getting started page.

IMS Toolbars

The ClearContext Inbox

Immediately following setup, ClearContext is automatically prioritizing email from VIPs in red and Known Senders in green. Automated features include:

  • Inbox prioritization – ClearContext uses contact and email message information to prioritize emails.  See Contact Prioritization for more detail.
  • One-click filing – ClearContext suggests folders for filing based on email history.  Press the file button to accept the suggestion or the arrow next to it to see more suggestions.
  • Convert email to action  – Create a task or appointment from an email with a single click.  Assign projects to them and view your work by project in the Dashboard.

In addition, you will find that ClearContext has installed toolbars in the Inbox and open item windows to provide greater control over email processing. This user guide will help you take advantage of these features. For additional information on ways to use ClearContext, see our video tutorials.

Usage Tips

Mark Contacts Important

Modify Contact Priority: ClearContext highlights known senders in green and VIP senders in red. Open a contact record and press Mark Important – all future email from this contact will be marked as a VIP.


File to Projects: Projects are the cornerstone of the ClearContext organization system.  When you file a message, you are assigning a Project to that email conversation.  All future messages in this thread, along with any tasks or appointments generated from it, will be tagged with this Project.  This will allow you to use the ClearContext Dashboard to view all of your notes, tasks and appointments related to a given Project.

Download a PDF of this User Guide here.