MYN-Powered ClearContext v5.1 Available!

TWC Book

In addition to the product-wide improvements in v5.1, the release introduces an exciting new feature for TWC customers – single folder filing!  As TWC followers are aware, filing to a single folder is a core feature of Michael Linenberger’s methodology.  Use ClearContext filing buttons to assign categories and file to your processed mail folder.  Download the TWC version here.

Some TWC/MYN v5.1 upgrade notes:

  • Single folder filing is enabled by default.  To continue to file to individual project folders, go to ClearContext > Options and uncheck "File all messages to root folder"
  • By default, the MYN Powered version files all messages /Inbox/Processed Mail.  Change the folder you file to in Root Folder for Filing and Projects in ClearContext > Options.  Note that if you previously designated a different root folder here (i.e. /Inbox) single folder filing will file to that folder instead of Processed Mail.
  • If you are using the default TWC toolbar, filing buttons will appear after the upgrade.  If you customized the toolbar, you may need to add these buttons via ClearContext > Options > UI/Toolbar.

Michael has posted a wealth of information about v5 on his website.  Start here.