How often do you use FolderContext?

In our post v5: Streamlined & Smarter we mentioned that we plan to limit the display of FolderContext to Project Dashboards, removing it from individual folders. Given recent feedback, we’d like to know how you use FolderContext. Please take the poll below and post any additional comments you would like to share. Thanks!

How often do you use FolderContext?

  • Never (41%, 40 Votes)
  • Everyday (30%, 29 Votes)
  • Occasionally (30%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 98

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  1. Hi Brad,
    I use Context folder all the time. it is a wasy for me to quickly organise my mails, when I have read them. To me this is the exact core of ClearContext, and if the this feature is minimised/taken away, I have no use for the ptoduct anymore.

    The only thing missing, in my opinion, is that ClearContext also will work fully in mail environments using IMAP. IMAP is now being more the rule than the opposite, due to the possibility of always having access to your mail: on the web, on your laptop etc.

    Thanks for a good product.

    Kind regards

  2. About FolderContext use : I never use it because it doesn’t work with public folders (as some other tools like New topic creation).

    Best regards.

  3. Steen – our planned infrastructure changes should allow us to support additional mail platforms in a future v5 release:

  4. If FolderContext goes, then so does ClearContext. This is the only real reason I bought the product. In fact, I want it enhanced with a toggle to only list senders, and so that if I single-click an individual, it auto-filters the folder view to the relevant messages.

  5. Looks like the vote is pretty evenly split. I use the contacts tab occaisionally, but not the other tabs in folder context.

  6. I never use it, but that’s probably largely because I haven’t taken the time to figure out how to integrate it into my workflow. I can definitely think of some situations where it would be useful, I just automatically revert back to my “known” way of doing things.

  7. I’ve always loved the idea of FolderContext, yet even after being a heavy ClearContext user for a year or two now I don’t think I’ve ever used it once. So… I still love the idea of it but something’s wrong with my workflow and/or ClearContext for me to not be using it at all. Thanks.

  8. I think you should make both options configurable, so to let the user choose wich way he/she want’s to see this info. (Dashboard/folder).

  9. I don’t really use it much. It gets ALL of the attachements in the folder including the useless ones. You still have to scan through just like with the regular folder with the paperclip icon.

    Also the icons are a bit big.

  10. I use the folder context quite regularly particularly to create new contacts from the list which is available. I rarely use the notifications or files function.

  11. Funny, but I only started using it once I heard it might go. Now I find it is really useful!

  12. I’m a new user of ClearContext and really get value out of the folder context. I get a lot of emails with attachments and having them visible in the context window let’s me get to the attachment fast and accurately. I agree that if you move this out of the product, then I may well stop using ClearContext completely.

  13. Thanks for the feedback. To clarify:

    1) In v5.0, FolderContext is still visible in the Dashboard for the current folder. It is not available, however, for the Inbox.

    2) I expect folder specific information such as attachments and contacts to return in a new form in a near term v5.1 release.