ClearContext v4.6 Available for Download

scorecard_580pxToday we’re releasing a significant update to ClearContext Personal and Pro.   v4.6 is available for download now at  Thanks to everyone for contributing feedback and helping out with the beta program for this release.  Please download and let us know what you think!

This release is focused around two main areas of improvement:

  • The first is a sneak preview of ClearContext measurement of email statistics, metrics, and effectiveness.  We’ve added an Email Scorecard and Stats module inside Outlook as an introduction to this new feature area, but a lot more is coming very soon.  Watch the blog for more detail.
  • The second focus area is a large set of feature enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Here are the highlights for the v4.6.3 production release:

Brand New Features

  • Email Scorecard – Learn more here
  • Jump to Topic button

Feature Enhancements

  • MessageContext and FolderContext on/off preferences
  • Notification Managers location
  • Toolbar Defaults
  • Dashboard Message sorting
  • Dashboard Tasks filtering
  • FolderContext Sorting Preferences
  • Topic Assignment defaults

Compatibility and Performance Improvements

  • Sent Messages & Exchange NDR issue fix
  • Enhanced Add-in Compatibility
  • Asynchronous MessageContext
  • Non-Supported Mail File Check (for Oracle Beehive customers and others)
  • Performance improvements

For more detail and discussion around this release and a list of additional bug fixes, please see this forum post.

Thanks again, and we hope you enjoy the new release!

One comment.

  1. Hi,
    I bought v4 some year ago. As i had to reinstall my PC I need to reinstall v4 (my key does not work with v6).

    Where can I download it?