Expanding Beta Test Group

box4We’re getting close to final release of the next version of IMS Pro.  Those of you who have previously contacted us about the beta program will be hearing from us soon.  We’re keeping details on new functionality under wraps for now, but there’s a lot of exciting new stuff in this release.  We’re expanding our current group of beta testers, so if you’re interested in participating in our private beta (participants must agree to keep information about the release confidential until launch) to get an early preview of all of the new functionality, please send an email to beta@clearcontext.com and we will get back to you with more information.  Thanks for your assistance – we’re really excited to show you what’s coming and hear your feedback!


  1. Thanks for the update!

  2. As a new ClearContext user, I’ve been totally stoked about finding a way to make Outlook usable for email. (I’m already locked in to calendering and task management) I was just as stoked when Google announced IMAP support for Gmail. Finally! I can combine the advantages of Gmail and Outlook, using ClearContext to wrap everything up! Or so I thought, before finding out that ClearContext doesn’t support IMAP despite it being on the roadmap for a couple of years now. Is there any chance the new version supports IMAP? If so, lemme know so I can wait, as I really don’t want to keep looking for my ideal solution. (I’ve already looked pretty hard, I’m fairly sure you guys are as close as I’m gonna get right now.)

  3. Drew – thanks for your interest. There are a number of technical limitations that make it difficult to implement IMAP support. We would still like to build this functionality into the product, but we don’t anticipate it making into a near term release. Watch the weblog for future updates on this issue.
    In the interim, you can access your Gmail account via POP and use Outlook and ClearContext if that is of interest.

  4. Thanks for the info Brad, I’d been using POP up until the IMAP announcement. Now for the real dilemma… POP/IMS versus IMAP. 🙁

  5. Brad, gotta say, this product has legs… I’m using it at work (all Pop3) and it’s very useful indeed. So here’s my problem… At home I use hotmail and Gmail… gmail is the main and I have been using IMAP… I see from the post above that it’s possible to use CC if I run gmail in Pop3…. Is that possible? Gmail’s install/setup pages for Outlook only suggest IMAP. Please advise.

  6. Try this:
    Good luck.