MS Releases Outlook 2007 Performance Update

Yesterday Microsoft released a patch for Outlook 2007 (UPDATED link) to address some performance issues in the app.  It appears that the update fixes some issues when working with large, active mail files.  According to a ComputerWorld article:

‘"I can’t say that this will 100 percent solve the latency issues, but users should see a big improvement," [Outlook Program Manager Jessica] Arnold said.’

The ComputerWorld article also mentions that it’s a good idea to archive off inactive content to increase Outlook’s performance.  See our Outlook Performance post for step by step instructions to do just that.

[Hat tip to downloadsquad]

One comment.

  1. Outlook 2007 Performance Issues? Here are Some Tips…

    I have not personally experienced this issue, but there continue to be reports on the tubes of native Outlook 2007 performance issues. In most cases, an upgrade to Office 2007 SP1 and some mail file maintenance will resolve the problem.