IMS v3.0.5 Maintenance Release Available

We have posted a maintenance release to support changes in the Office 2007 and Vista RTM’s and implement some minor performance enhancements.  Here are the major changes in this release:

  • In Outlook 2007, we have resolved the issue where filing to offline SharePoint folders results in a conflict.
  • In Outlook 2007, views no longer appear corrupted when saving them.
  • Exchange 12 Beta users can now use the Defer feature without losing the sender name.
  • Deleting or moving large numbers of messages is more efficient.

There are also a few additional performance enhancements in this release.  If you are running v3.0.4, I recommend you download and install the update to resolve the above issues.  UPDATE: The installer issue previously reported is fixed – there should be no need to uninstall the application when upgrading from an earlier version.

We have also created a build that will allow ClearContext to load for Windows Vista users who are running as an Administrator with UAC off.  If you are running Windows Vista and ClearContext does not run after install, please see this page for more details and a link to the download.


  1. Brad-
    If one downloads the update, installs, and then goes to the ClearContext/About menu, the version is still showing as 3.0.4.
    Rob Olian

  2. Rob:
    Please make sure that Outlook is completely closed when you upgrade. If you use a PDA or other application that accesses Outlook, it may be holding the application open when you try to upgrade. If you want to ensure that Outlook is closed, disconnect all mobile devices from your machine, log off/on, run the upgrade, and then open Outlook. Please let me know if this resolves the issue.

  3. Rob:
    On further investigation you are correct, there is a problem with the installer that is keeping the upgrade from going through. In the near term, uninstall ClearContext first via Add/Remove programs, then reinstall from the new download. You won’t be required to run through setup again and you won’t lose any preferences. I’ll post an updated exectuable after I have the chance to test it.
    Sorry for the trouble.

  4. I use both a desktop and laptop against an exchange server. When do you plan on supporting this?

  5. Jeremy – thanks for your question. Per our product plan update (, our next big push will be towards a product that will support multiple machines. In the meantime, please see this forum entry for work arounds:
    Please let me know if I can provide additional detail.