Video: What’s New in IMS Pro 3.0

In the spirit of Robert Scoble’s and Don Campbell’s posts on video demos, here is a quick 3 minute screencast highlighting the new features of our forthcoming release, IMS Pro 3.0.  This is my first attempt at this type of demo, so please take a look and send feedback.  In particular, I’d like to know if you want to see more video tutorials like this on this weblog.

[A direct link to this windows media file is here.]

For a written description of these highlights and early access to the IMS Pro 3.0 release, see our beta page.

A couple of additional notes while I have you:

  1. All registered users should have received information from us regarding 3.0 upgrade options.  If you have not received that email please contact us at sales at clearcontext dot com.
  2. Everyone who registered v2 between August 1st, 2006 and our 3.0 launch gets a complimentary upgrade to v3.  When we formally release IMS Pro 3.0 around the beginning of next month, the price will be $79.95.  If you are trialling the software, you might want to consider purchasing soon while the price is $69.95.

Thanks for checking out our new product.  Watch for more info coming your way on this weblog between now and launch.

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  1. everyone should have it.