GTD Software Systems Review

Jason Clarke at Download Squad has posted the first of a two part series on GTD Software Systems, focusing on offline Windows solutions.  He starts with a nice overview of GTD concepts and delves into a detailed reviews of both the Netcentrics GTD Add-in and ClearContext.  For obvious reasons, I’m partial to this quote:

“…let me say that if you ever struggle with keeping up with your email and you are an Outlook user, it is definitely worth your while to investigate ClearContext further. The prioritization engine and inbox views are pure gold.”

For those of you looking for other ways that our customers use ClearContext to implement their personal flavor of the popular productivity system, see this post in our user forums.

I’m anxious to read Part II tomorrow, which promises to be focused on online GTD-type solutions.  There’s a lot of new stuff out there and I’m certain that Jason has given them all a thorough try.

On a tangential note, Jason’s post inspired Deva to write about how he manages email.  Check out if you’re interested in how he slogs through the 100-200 messages he receives a day.

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