Season’s Greetings: Public Beta Available!

Season’s Greetings from ClearContext!  Hopefully you are all getting a much needed break and spending time with your families over the holidays, while we are here feverishly working on our 2.0 release.


We are pleased to announce the public beta of our v2 product, the ClearContext Information Management System.  IMS extends some of our key v1 message management concepts to task and calendar items.  New features include:

  • Defer messages for later consumption
  • Create follow-up reminders
  • Generate tasks and appointments from email
  • See a consolidated view of the information in Outlook via our RelatedView and ActionView buttons.

To download and read about the product, see our beta page.  For more detail on our v2 plans, see the second half of this blog entry on email management.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us test the v2 product so far.  The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive – we look forward to hearing what the rest of you think about our new features!


  1. Oustanding software. For anyone implementing the ‘GTD’ approach – this is a must have.
    I have used the GTD plug-in off the David Allen site and this beats it hands down. Why?
    1) The plug-in is robust and elegant keeping everything as just as simple as it can be.
    2) Defer functionality allows me to put a task or email on hold for a set period of time without it fouling up my in-box or task list
    3) The plug-in does not create lots of new views and linked items in by Outlook.
    4) Schedule a meeting allows you turn an email into a meeting with one click. Great for coping with folk who send out invites as email not calender requests. Also great for when a email thread has got out of hand and needs a face to face.
    Issues that I would like to see fixed:
    1) When in an email, I am unable to create a new topic. The create new topic only appears to work in the in-box view
    2) Is there a way when in my in-box view or when looking at an email to bring the topic box into focus? Given that most emails are going to be filed this would reduce movement required to do it.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad to hear that you are finding the product of use.
    To address your specific questions:
    1) I am not seeing this error. Please send me an email at support at clearcontext dot com with your environment (Windows version/ Outlook version/ other add-ins installed) so that I can troubleshoot further.
    2) Alt-P should put focus on the topic field. Also, if you’re an ActiveWords user, check out our ActiveWords agent that allows you to create custom keywords that map to topics for even faster topic assignment:

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