Trust in Email

Anne Bonaparte, CEO of MailFrontier, has published their findings on the impact that phishing and other email scams is having on user’s trust in legitimate email:

"But e-mail’s functionality has been devalued by unrelenting abuse in
the form of spam, viruses and phishing. We’ve even reached the point
where one must ask whether fed-up users are ready to declare "lights
out" on e-mail."

The "lights out" scenario she speaks of is clearly not likely to
happen, but it is interesting to note that as users become more
suspicious of email content, they are reporting more and more
legitimate email as spam.  For more detail read her
article, Is it ‘lights out’ for email?

One comment.

  1. The Story of Email’s Demise is Greatly Exaggerated

    OK, I’m biased. We write email tools. I have a vested interest in people continuing to use email. All that said, I really don’t get it when writers use the imminent demise of email to discuss the proliferation of spam