Email in the News

I’ve been busy testing ClearContext v2 (more on that in a day or
two) and let a couple of stories pass by without comment.

First,  Udo Shroeder has posted Email, Not Worth It? – another rebuttal to all these recent articles published predicting email’s death:

"[Email is] easy to archive, searchable, can be filtered, topics can easily be
scaled to additional people, it doesn’t take a lot of time to bring
some points across. Everything is documented, for eternity. And the
most important aspect: email doesn’t interrupt me."

Well said!

Also, the Radicati Group has posted the results to an email usage survey
(have I mentioned before that I love a good email survey?) that finds
that nearly 25% of email at work is considered personal in
nature.  Coupled with spam, the study indicates that more than 50% of "business" email is not related to business at all.


  1. Brad,
    ClearContext is huge. I manage a team of 25 people (French online marketing agency) and several of my employees deal with hundreds of emails per day. I’ve been trying CC for 45 days now on my own inbox, and I must say it is huge.
    I would like to add my two cents, help you improve CC.
    1. I found a bug : i struggled to have colors appear on my outlook. I found that your rules are in english and my french outlook does not understand them. I dove into outlook, translated the rules, and now it works!
    2. I belive the ultimate filing system is with tags. Could you do that on V2? Tags instead of folders because some email can have two parents (ie “all invoices” and “this client”).
    Hope it helps,
    congrats and look forward to try out V2
    PS. I am buying CC ASAP.
    Bravo de Paris,

  2. Arthur:
    Thank you so much for your kind words. This kind of information always makes me smile.
    Sorry about the bug you encountered. It is a known issue, as documented in our forum:
    We have not fixed this in our installation of the product yet.
    As for tagging, this is an oft-requested feature. We plan to implement it in some form in the future, though it will not be in v2.
    Thanks for the suggestions and please keep them coming as you continue to use the product.
    Au Revoir,