Getting the Most Out of ClearContext

While interviewing for a podcast this morning (more on that in a day or so) it occurred to me that we have posted a wealth of great ClearContext usage tips on our blog that our new users might benefit from, but may not be easy to find.  Eventually I’ll find a place to post some perma-links on the website, but for now here’s a roundup of some of our more informative posts:

Three Things You Might Not Know About ClearContext – New users should start here, it includes information no customizing views, automatically saving sent messages, and enabling the ClearContext open message toolbar.

Convert Your Folders to ClearContext Topic Folders
– a quick note on taking advantage of ClearContext’s automated filing featues using your existing folders.

ClearContext Proritization Adjustment – instructions for tweaking the weighting of ClearContext’s prioritization algorithm.

How To Avoid Exceeding Your Mail File Size Limit – use ClearContext to help proactively stay ahead of your company’s size limitations.

ClearContext & ActiveWords: a Script to Get You Started
– for new users of the ClearContext ActiveWords Agent, this walks you through exactly what we can do.

Holiday Email Avalanche – You’ve got 100’s of messages in your inbox and you want to clear them out?  Follow these tips to regain control of your Inbox using ClearContext.

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  1. Getting the Most Out of ClearContext: Revised

    We have a great deal of information in the weblog on using ClearContext to it’s fullest. If you’re visiting our weblog pages, you’ll note that I have revised the Getting the Most Out of ClearContext collection of posts on the