Post a Review, Get a Free License

Just a quick reminder – we’re giving free licenses away to anyone who posts a review of ClearContext in a public forum.  For full detail see our previous post, Who Wants a Free ClearContext Inbox Manager License?

*** The free license program has been discontinued. This blog post remains up for reference only


  1. The ClearContext Free License Program

    Drew Loika has written a very flattering review of ClearContext IMS on his PreMagination blog. In addition to a detailed explanation of how the product has helped, Drew writes: Recently my demo expired and while I already deeply appreciated the

  2. FYI – for those who stumble across this post, yes, this program is still in place.
    The goal of this program is to get the word out about ClearContext. In the spirit of that goal, the following posts are not eligible for a free license:
    – A review on a blog with very few previous entries.
    – Comments on blog posts, particularly “stale” posts where the last comment is months or years old.

  3. Thanks to everyone who participated in the free license program. We are discontinuing for now – stay tuned on this blog for future promotions.