Convert Your Folders to Topic Folders

Clearcontext_configuration_03_1The default ClearContext Topic Folder location (where all topic folders are created and messages are filed when using File Msg, File Thread  and File Topic buttons) is located under /Inbox/ClearContext Topics in the primary email data store. This location can be changed via the configuration window located at Tools > Options > ClearContext > Configuration.
The Message Store drop down menu allows you to change the .pst location
that topics are stored in, while the Location function permits renaming
of the folder where ClearContext topic folders are stored. For example,
changing the location entry to /Inbox will configure
ClearContext to create new topic folders directly under the Inbox
folder (and also make a ClearContext topic for each existing Inbox

Prior to installation of ClearContext, many users already store
their email in folders. To take advantage of Topic functionality using
these pre-defined folders, drag them underneath the ClearContext Topic
Folder (as defined in the configuration settings detailed above). Each
folder name will now be listed as a topic on the Topic drop down menu
and the File Msg, File Thread  and File Topic buttons will move messages into these locations.

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