ClearContext Product Planning

We want to take this opportunity to give our readers some early information about the new product development we have underway.  Before we put our thoughts down into a more concrete update to our
product plan, we wanted to share with you what
we’re building.  Take this as your opportunity to assess our plans, make features suggestions, and help us set priorities before we lock down the design of our upcoming  releases.

Here are a number of the major new features we’re working on that will be in the next product releases, roughly in priority order:

Workflow Enhancements – We’re really excited to start incorporating workflow functionality into the product and believe it will take email productivity to the next level.  This includes features to convert mail messages to tasks and calendar items, as well as the ability to "snooze" a message for later review.

Advanced Views – We are going to implement additional views in this next release of the product.  In particular, we plan to add many of the views available for download on our website as well as a new view that will allow users to sort email by received date, but preserve thread grouping within the inbox.  The view buttons will change on our toolbar and the setup wizard will walk the user through a selection process to identify the best view for his/her needs.

Multiple Machine Support – Earlier we referred to this as "Master/ Slave Mode;" essentially it’s a facility to ensure message integrity for users who access the same Exchange mail account from multiple machines.

Functionality in Other Folders – We are researching ways to provide some subset of current ClearContext functionality in folders outside the inbox.

Topic and Priority Sharing for Groups – This feature really launches the product into the groupware realm, allowing users to share their priority and/or topic assignments with each other.

In addition to the above, we have many other smaller enhancements planned based on user requests, including integration of priority and topic setting functionality into Outlook rules, optimization of performance in some of our analysis processes, import/ export of ClearContext user settings, etc..

All of these features won’t make into into our next release.  We are looking to you to help us determine those features that are of most value to our users.  Feel free to comment in this post or send feedback directly to support ( at )  Thanks in advance for your help – we will be posting the updated product plan in the coming weeks.


  1. Great, though reminds me a bit on the GTD-Plugin. Anyway: I would only be able to use it if you offer an international version! Yours truly is unfortunately only working with an English version of Outlook. So my first priority is: Support of non-english version!
    Please 🙂

  2. Outlook Team, are you listening?

    ClearContext Corporate Weblog I haven’t tried ClearContext yet, but it’s getting some good reviews around the blogosphere. I hope the Outlook team is taking notice to the feature list and will implement some of this stuff into the next release….