ClearContext Competitors: Nelson Email Organizer

As we reach out to potential reviewers regarding ClearContext, we are often asked how Inbox Manager compares and contrasts with Nelson Email Organizer.  This is understandable given that both are billed as email organization products for Microsoft Outlook users.  In a nutshell, our add-in is different from NEO in three major areas:

  1. ClearContext seamlessly integrates into Outlook – we install a toolbar in Outlook and perform all of our functions on messages within the Outlook inbox. NEO accesses the Outlook data files, but requires use of a separate interface.
  2. Inbox Manager uses patent pending prioritization algorithms to rank incoming email on various email message characteristics including sender, directness of the email, message priority, and participation in the email conversation. Instead of being ordered by date, Email is then ordered and color-coded within the Outlook inbox based on these rankings. NEO’s prioritization views are based solely on sender and do not provide an automated, comprehensive ranking of all email within the Inbox.
  3. Our core focus is on managing and organizing email via message ranking, threading and categorization. NEO’s focus is email indexing and search capabilities. Many of our users use our prioritization and categorization functionality in conjunction with search packages like Lookout, X1, and Copernic.

Both ClearContext Inbox Manager and NEO have some overlapping functionality such as advanced display of email conversations, automated methods for assigning topics (or categories) to email messages, and filtering of email received from bulk senders.

This is first in what will be a series of posts on ClearContext competitors.  If there are any users out there who have tried both products, we welcome your input on differences between the applications.  Please contact us a info (at) and/or post your comments here in our weblog.


  1. Hello,

    I use NEO Pro, but would also like to purchase ClearContext too. Would there be any conflict that would render certain features in either software unusable?

    Thanks in advance,

    Ted Smith

  2. There are no known conflicts with NEO Pro.