2005 Email Usage Survey Overview

We have just started analyzing the responses from our Email Usage Survey.  The 300 respondents consisted of a pretty evenly divided split from each of the sponsor bloggers and ClearContext’s existing user base.  We’ll be posting our detailed analysis of the survey results in the coming weeks.

As a first step, we would like to share an overview of the technology people are using, the volume of email they receive, and the time they devote to dealing with email.  We have posted graphs of the results here.  Among the interesting facts we’d like to highlight:

  • 33% of our tech-savvy respondents have Gmail accounts, edging out Hotmail and Yahoo!
  • Having just one email address is quite uncommon; most have 2-6.
  • Over 60% of the respondents get over 50 emails/ day.  15% receive more than 250!
  • While spam remains the single biggest email problem, 40% of users are most challenged by email organization or overload issues.

In our next post we’ll delve into detail regarding the breakdown of different types of emails that contribute to the huge volumes of email that people face.  After that, we’ll discuss the strategies people are using to handle this email and the tools / technologies they are using to help them.

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