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ClearContext v7 Release Candidate

Development of ClearContext v7 is now complete! We have made the v7 release candidate available for anyone to try, and this release should transition to becoming the production version assuming that no significant issues arise. For more details and download links, please view our forum post.

For our existing users, please note that v7 requires a new license and that v6 keys will not work with this new version. We will make upgrade licenses available for purchase once we formally launch v7, and in the meantime the fully functional trial mode is available for anyone to try. Connect subscribers can obtain their new v7 licenses by visiting their Connect account page.

ClearContext v7 Beta 2

Just a quick note to announce that Beta 2 is now available. This release addresses some bugs and usability issues found in testing of the first Beta as well as some other fixes that have been on our list. In addition, the capability to collapse groups in the Organizer and have the collapsed settings remembered has been added.

We’re starting out by having the beta available first to our Connect subscribers. Further information and download links can be found in the private Connect forums. In the next week or so, we will open access to the beta to anyone who would like to try it.

New Purchasers: As of September 1, 2014, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.

ClearContext v7 – Introduction and Beta


We are excited to introduce ClearContext Professional v7 and announce the availability of a beta test version for our Connect subscribers. Over the last month, we have posted previews of filing, QuickTasks and toolbar enhancements in v7, and we will now provide a more complete list of the changes and improvements in this new version:




ClearContext Professional v7 Summary

Filing and Projects

  • Improved folder filing suggestions from more advanced prediction algorithms
  • Move folder function to reassign, relabel and move messages from one Project folder to another
  • Added ability to exclude folders and sub-folders for use with ClearContext Projects and filing
  • Remember the open/closed state of the folder tree in Project selection screen
  • Improved searching for accented words in Project selection screen
  • When creating new folders and there are multiple mail files, automatically use the mail file with best folder match instead of always using the default folder


  • Add capability to file based on subject, recipient or start of body content in addition to sender
  • Add capability to file to Project folders in addition to the separate AutoFile folders

QuickTasks (see earlier post for more details)

  • New task creation window to quickly create new tasks


  • New search bar to filter Dashboard Projects, Tasks and Appointments
  • Print and export Project Notes
  • View and manage tasks and appointments from all mail files enabled with ClearContext and not just the default mail file


  • New recent tasks view to specifically manage newly created tasks
  • Improved Project and Category selection interface when creating or editing tasks
  • View and manage tasks and appointments from all mail files enabled with ClearContext and not just the default mail file


  • Integrated MessageContext now supported for 64bit Outlook versions
  • Automatic display of related tasks and appointments along side related messages


  • More extensive customization for displayed ClearContext buttons in the Home tab for Outlook 2010/2013
  • Simpler and more organized format of buttons in ClearContext tab for Outlook 2010/2013
  • Compact filing button arrangement for Outlook 2010/2013
  • Updated toolbar appearance for Outlook 2013


  • Properly scale user interface for high resolution displays
  • Keyboard shortcut support in opened message windows
  • Secondary mode for multiple computer use to reduce conflicts with Exchange accounts

Deprecated Features

  • Unsubscribe removed from Outlook 2010/2013 as that function is now included with Outlook
  • Prioritization of Inbox disabled by default, but it can be re-enabled in ClearContext Options
  • Since AutoFile now has most of the capabilities of AutoAssign, AutoAssign is now hidden for those users that do not have active AutoAssign rules. We will continue to support the use of AutoAssign for those users who wish to use it.
  • Windows XP and Outlook 2003 are no longer supported configurations


ClearContext Professional v7 Beta 1

A beta test version is now available to our Connect subscribers. Please be aware that as a beta version, there may be bugs and instability. Also, updated documentation is not yet available though the new changes should be fairly intuitive for experienced users of ClearContext.

To access the beta, one needs an active Connect subscription and an account on our online forums. With a matching email address on the forums and Connect account, the private Connect forums which contain the beta downloads and discussion will be available. If assistance is needed with this process, please contact us via support at

We thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to your feedback!


New Purchasers: As of September 1, 2014, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.

ClearContext v7 – Toolbar

We’re getting very close to being ready with the ClearContext Pro v7 beta. In the mean time, we wanted to share one last feature preview post before fully introducing version 7. For Outlook 2010 and 2013, which use the Ribbon user interface, the ClearContext toolbar in the main Outlook window has been redesigned. Goals for the new design include a simpler, less cluttered layout and greater flexibility in customizing the ClearContext buttons in the Home tab.

In the ClearContext tab, which lists all the features of ClearContext, sub-menus have been eliminated so that all features are available without needing to open a menu. Additionally, features are organized by type, most buttons have been switched to a large format and the appearance of the icons match the style of the version of Outlook. The screen prints below show the appearance in Outlook 2013.





For the Home tab which lists a subset of the most recently used ClearContext features, each of the Filing and Actions sections can be customized to add or remove buttons from the corresponding areas of the ClearContext tab. In addition, the main filing controls have been optimized to take up less space by integrating the thread filing and undo buttons. The separate File Thread button can be added back through the customize window if the filing layout of the pre-v7 toolbar is desired.




As mentioned, we are getting very close to being ready with the v7 beta, so please check back soon for the latest news. We will initially be making the beta available exclusively to our Connect subscribers and gradually opening up access after the initial release.

New Purchasers: As of September 1, 2014, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.

ClearContext v7 – Quick New Tasks

In this installment of of our ClearContext v7 preview, we would like to introduce the new quick tasks feature. We have seen the need to easily enter in tasks throughout the day, often while working outside of Outlook, and then be able to organize these new tasks efficiently at a later time. The new quick tasks window is separate from the Outlook window and floats above other windows so that you can work on other documents, spreadsheets or applications and have quick access to creating new tasks as you think of them. This task window is optimized for quick task entry and one can choose to enter only a subject or add additional information. Supporting the creation of these tasks are a listing of recently created tasks to remind about what has already been created, and a new mode in the Organizer that allows one to focus on these recently created tasks. This new task entry and management capability will streamline and expedite the process of creating and managing new tasks.


The last phase of development and testing for the v7 beta is progressing smoothly and we hope to make available our first beta version to our Connect subscribers within a few weeks. We will continue to post the latest updates and information here on our blog.

New Purchasers: As of September 1, 2014, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.

ClearContext v7 Preview

We’re excited to start talking about the next major release of the product, ClearContext Pro v7. In this post, we will discuss a few of the new v7 features and our development status. In the coming weeks, we will follow up with more product details and continued status updates.

v7_autofileFor this initial preview, two areas of improvement for v7 we will share are around AutoFile and Project filing. The AutoFile capabilities have been expanded with support for criteria other than sender for filing and the ability to file messages to both the special AutoFile folders and your regular Project folders. For Project filing, suggestions for filing and Project assignment. should be much more relevant due to major improvements to the prediction algorithms. In addition, other capabilities around Projects and filing have been added such as the ability to exclude folders and a tool to move and re-label messages from one Project folder to another. Additional new v7 features will be highlighted in future posts.

We are in the process of wrapping up development for v7 and shifting our focus to testing and validation. Once we have completed our initial testing and QA, we will launch the beta testing program. Initially, members of our Connect subscription will have exclusive access to the beta program. As a reminder, Connect is our yearly subscription program for free upgrades, priority support and first access to pre-release software.

Please stay tuned for further updates and we appreciate your interest in ClearContext!


New Purchasers: Starting now, all purchasers of new or upgrade v6 ClearContext licenses will receive a free upgrade to v7 once the new version is available.

Expired Connect subscription?

The cost for new memberships and the renewal of expired Connect subscriptions are normally priced at $59.95 per year. Renewals of active subscriptions, or bundled subscriptions with a new license purchase are priced at $29.95 per year.

Until the end of the month, August 31, 2014, we will be offering renewals for $29.95 no matter when the Connect membership may have ended. To take advantage of this offer, log into your Connect page using your Order ID and email address here. If you need help finding your original Order ID, please email us at support at

ClearContext Pro v6.2 Released

We are pleased to announce that ClearContext Pro v6.2 has been released.

Version 6.2 addresses some requested feature enhancements such as returning deferred messages to the top of the Inbox, ignoring out of office messages when tracking followups and improving the printing from the Organizer. In addition, there is improved compatibility with hotmail and EAS configurations, as well as other bug fixes and enhancements.

To download, please visit our forums: ClearContext Pro v6.2 Download

ClearContext v6.2 Beta Open to All

The v6.2 Beta is now available to anyone who would like to try it. Thanks to our Connect members who have already participated in this Beta. The testing has been going very smoothly and we expect the release version to be available in the next couple of weeks.

Please visit our forums for download links and release notes.

ClearContext v6: Flexibility and Efficiency

We are very excited to start telling you about the next major release of ClearContext, version 6. For some time, we have been hearing the need for more comprehensive support for various Outlook configurations such as multiple mail accounts and integration with multiple data files. The scope of these enhancements requires a major infrastructure overhaul, so after recently completing our planned set of v5 incremental releases, that’s where we’ve been focusing most of our efforts.

Along with these infrastructural changes, the other main goal of the v6 release is redesigning a number of features to make them more efficient and useful. To do the best job possible at incorporating feedback from our users, we will be handling the beta and pre-release development a bit differently from prior beta cycles. Beta participation will be limited exclusively to Connect members, and the beta program will be more focused on addressing user feedback.

As a reminder, Connect is our yearly subscription program for free upgrades, priority support and access to pre-release software. Before we begin beta testing of v6, we will provide opportunities for those who are not members or whose memberships have lapsed to join Connect.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for additional information on ClearContext v6. We look forward to kicking off the beta program soon and having you involved in developing the next version of ClearContext!

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