Product Update

A product update is rolling out with the following improvements and fixes:

  • Project/Folder selector: added additional larger width options. Window width is selected with the << and >> buttons
  • Project/Folder move/rename: the move function can now process entire Project/Folder trees in one step, instead of having to modify them one at a time.
  • Setup: new streamlined one step process for setup
  • Setup: unified 32/64 bit installer
  • AutoFile: bug fixes to address certain cases where incorrect options set for drag and drop creation, and to prevent scanning Inbox when rule changed while AutoFile is disabled
  • Startup: Add button to manually close Intro screen

The update is being delivered now to users on the beta/early update channel, and will be going out to all users within the next few weeks.


  1. Could you also post which Build Number / Version Number that is?
    In our corporate Environment I am never sure whether the autoupdate works properly, so I Champion Manual checks… 8^)

  2. Hi, the latest build number is 1811.0, we’ll try to include this information in future posts