What people are saying about ClearContext Personal

Automatically file bacn out of your InboxDave Johnson at BNET had this to say about ClearContext Personal:

“Here’s a tool that can help you take back control of your inbox, automatically, without setting up lots of rules or filters. The amazing thing? It actually works.”

Simon Mackie at Web Worker Daily writes:

“It automatically files unimportant emails, like social network notifications, newsletters, e-commerce emails, and other automated “bacn”, into categorized groups, taking it out of your inbox.”

For more information on the new release, see our announcement:

ClearContext Personal makes that information easier to deal with by doing three things:

  1. Automatically filing unimportant messages out of your inbox to deal with later
  2. Creating a daily digest of all autofiled email, so you never lose any information
  3. Highlighting email from important senders in your inbox without any confusing rules or training