User Guide: Mark Important

In the contact analysis process performed during setup, ClearContext’s prioritization algorithm automatically identifies those contacts that you email the most and marks them as important. ClearContext uses this contact priority to highlight emails in the Inbox from your most valued contacts. Manually mark email important via the Mark Important button on the toolbar.

User Guide IMS Contact Priority


Mark important contactsDuring initial setup, ClearContext analyzes email history to determine email addresses from which you send and receive the most email. Using this information, your VIP contacts are marked as important.  By default, email received from these contacts are marked with category CC VIP and color-coded red.  Manually mark/un-mark a message as a VIP using the Mark Important button.  This will automatically adjust the contact priority and future messages will reflect the change.


Known ContactsAll messages from known senders are marked with category CC OK and color-coded green.  These include messages from contacts that are in your address book – but not marked important – and messages from contacts that are not in your address book but are replying to conversations that you have already participated in.

Contact Priority

Known ContactsAlso adjust priority via contact records.  Open the contact for an important sender and press Mark Important.  All future messages from this sender will be designated CC VIP.


In Outlook 2007 and later, ClearContext color codes messages using Inbox category colors.  In Outlook 2003, ClearContext changes the font color to indicate priority.  To see font color coding in other versions of Outlook, select a ClearContext view from the Outlook view menu (View > Current View).  There are three views installed during setup:

  • ClearContext By Date – messages ordered by received date
  • ClearContext Threaded – messages grouped by conversation and ordered by date
  • ClearContext Prioritized by Category – messages grouped by category

If you change options below, the views above may no longer color code by priority.