The ClearContext Daily Workflow

image The ClearContext Daily Workflow is a three step process for managing Outlook that will save an hour or more per day.  We developed these best practices in conjunction with productivity experts and our very passionate customer base to help overloaded individuals empty their inbox and get on top of their workday:


gr_identify_20px_org First thing in the morning, identify the day's priorities:

  1. Review your calendar 
  2. Review your daily task list 
  3. Review your alerts

gr_manage_20px_blue Twice daily, manage your Inbox:

Quickly review each message and determine when you need to act on it:

  1. Act immediately?  Reply, Delegate, or Review and File 
  2. Act later?  Defer, Create a Task or Appointments 
  3. No action required?  Unsubscribe or Delete

gr_succeed_20px_grn Throughout the day, succeed by focusing on what's important:

  1. Work on your tasks by project 
  2. Review high priority messages only 
  3. View all related information on To Do's

Over the next few days, we will review each step in more detail.